Last Minute Deferral

North Wales Police outdo themselves again
Two hours before the gross misconduct hearing involving the corrupt DC Martyn Parmley is to be heard, North Wales Police issue a notice that the hearing has been deferred till further notice. 
Is that because the details were released on this and other local blogs:
North Wales Police had posted details on their website, but those details were well hidden.
It took the intervention of this blog:
To bring it en-mass to the public’s attention, in addition the above blog included all details of  DC Parmleys corrupt behaviour since joining the North Wales Police, unlike North Wales Police themselves.
It is my belief that North Wales Police will try to get this case heard behind closed doors, mainly because of the adverse publicity it brings yet again to their doorstep, how many allegations of corruption, how many law suits served upon them and how many cover ups will it take before the national press finally put to print the dreadful incestuous, corrupt behaviour that is clearly evident throughout the ranks of the UK’s worst Police Force? North Wales police