Internet Tennis

PC 1854 Gary James.
This inadequate fool keeps leaving obnoxious messages in response to the post on this blog regarding his good friend, the oh so corrupt and soon to be sacked DC Martyn Parmley.
James like all cowards sends in comments under the guise of anonymity.
Be a man James, come and face me, or at the very least put your name to your pathetic comments.
I am surprised his bosses have not reigned him in.
We have the technology.


Comment number one.


Keep taking the tablets. Dick. on Last Minute Deferral…..
on 07/04/16
Comment number two.
You and your friends are crooks, the comment made was spot on. Your a nothing Windmill, if your living like your living at your age, your done for.
Had the board off Mike yet? he’s mad having anything to do with your tribe! on A message from PC 1854 Gary James, of North Wales Police…..
My grown up response.
  • Dick… silly Gazza, is that the best you can do…..go back to the playground and start again.
  • You and your friends are Crooks…..You already stated that silly boy, try to be more original.
  • Your a nothing Windmill…..This is my favourite, By A Nothing, what do you mean, do you mean I don’t exist? or are you saying I am Less than you? either way its just playground nonsense, put your pacifier (just so you understand, that’s a dummy tit, or maybe in your case just a tit) back in your mouth, silly boy.
  • If your living like your living at your age, your done for. Please for the sake of clarity do clarify what you mean, is this a threat? or just a childish assumption?
  • Had the board off Mike yet? he’s mad having anything to do with your tribe! Firstly who is Mike? secondly, what board? cardboard perhaps? wooden board? surfing board? ouija board, prey do tell…..What are you implying when you say my tribe? are you saying we perhaps come from a native tribe of some sort? like the fearsome Navajo, or maybe your saying something offensive about my children, lets face it your friends Nigel Roberts and the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, loved to belittle my family especially my disabled son, sick really but there you go, a bully will always be a bully, you brave little man, Mr anonymous…..

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  1. I don't think the PC would be so outspoken if he ha been dealing with the likes of the Krays, McVicar, the Richardsons, Jack Spot, and a few others!

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