A nasty b…..d.

Coincidence or Corruption

The last eighteen months have seen some significant changes in the campaign to reveal the truth behind the authorship of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. Finally we have exposed the true level of collusion between those responsible for that blog and North Wales Police.
Nigel '7 Bellies' Roberts

Nigel ‘7 Bellies’ Roberts

After Guto Bebb’s speech on 09-09-2014, David Nigel Roberts formally of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, publicly stated he was the sole author of the blog, this is most definitely untrue, although one might say a magnanimous statement on his behalf. I mean, to take sole responsibility for such an awful blog full of hate and hurt toward others has to be either admirable or he is covering for others in the safe knowledge that North Wales Police will not act against him & the local press will not publicise the truth..
On November 12th 2014 during a recorded meeting with solicitor Dylan Moore of David Jones solicitors in Llandudno, Dylan Moore openly admitted David Jones MP for Clwyd West and his business partner had been a regular author/contributor to The Thoughts of Oscar Blog.
MP David Jones, liar & nasty B.........D

MP David Jones, liar & nasty B………D

In January 2015 during another covertly recorded meeting, Ian Ralph (Jones’ computer tech and fellow rotary member) admitted Jones was a major author of that troll blog, using it to defame fellow politicians, he enjoyed publishing homophobic comments, hate comments toward the disabled and love the anonymity which allowed him to attack those that opposed him and his friends.
MP David Jones. Liar Fraudster Homophobic

MP David Jones.

Jones we discovered is a Freemason with powerful Freemason friends in the hierarchy of North Wales Police, these friends provided him and his blog with protection against prosecution, in exchange Jones allowed the blog to be used by NWP to taint the reputations of individuals they were pursing unsafe convictions against, the most famous being the trial of Mr & Mrs Creamer in 2010. A trial that received a lot of untrue accusations against the Creamers on that blog, accusations that ultimately affected the jury and their conclusions.
These recorded admissions helped to confirm what I already believed and support the findings of respected private investigator Mr Mike Naughton, who had previously been employed to track down the authorship of the blog.
David Jones himself has publicly stated he has never had anything to do in any way with the Thoughts of Oscar blog and goes on to state ‘it would be a bonkers thing to do’, David Jones MP clearly is a liar, a cheat and a disgrace to his profession.
MP David Jones Freemason Evil Hates the disabled

MP David Jones
Hates the disabled

Late 2014 I took our findings to our local press The Daily Post and The North Wales Weekly News, who refused to publish, saying they had been threatened by David Jones MP and North Wales Police, if they published this story, a story what surely is in the public interest.
This did for a short time bother me, I mean why, why wouldn’t they publish as I’ve already stated a story that is clearly in the public interest and factually true? The truth of the matter soon became apparent, several reporters working for the Weekly News and the Post were guilty of providing information to that blog and the NWP, information that first appeared on the blog before appearing in the press, two such reporters were Tom Davidson & Jezz Hemming’s. the day I released the recordings Hemming’s phoned me demanding the full recordings, I refused.
Since then we have also discovered that both these local rags have Freemason influences.
So now we have a better understanding of why the local press wouldn’t publish.
Since the birth of a new news letter, ‘The Colwyn Bay Chronicle’, which has published our findings, the repercussions have begun, David Jones has phoned several individuals connected with myself accusing my wife and I of all sorts, resulting in false accusations against us and four separate illegal arrests and illegal house searches, including seizure of goods  all of which were dropped and are now being dealt with by our solicitor.
MP David Jones Unstable  Liar  Homophobic

MP David Jones

At this point I find myself asking what this man has got to hide apart from the fact that he is a liar, a fraudster, he’s homophobic and  has a distinct dislike of the disabled. Jones is also a collector of pictures of other peoples children & has regularly authored the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll  blog.
What I would ask the reader to consider here are a few interesting facts, firstly why would a man who has held a political seat for the last ten years and was once secretary state for Wales bother to phone me (a nobody) on Monday 3rd of November of last year, converse with me for forty minutes, continually professing his innocence so far as having anything to do with the Thoughts of Oscar blog? If he were innocent he would, if I had accused him of involvement, just tell me to go away and prove my accusations, or even not bother phoning me at all. Then secondly Jones went onto invite my wife & I to meet with him in his constituency office only to spend another 57 minutes trying to convince me of his non involvement, why would an innocent man do that?
Thirdly we were then invited to his business partners office, Mr Dylan Moore only to be subjected to another two hours of Mr Moore professing his non involvement with the blog, why would these so called eminent members of society do that?
Jones is a devious greedy little creature, he gets of on creating internet discord using anonymity, he has an unhealthy  in other peoples children, he is driven by a desire for power and along with all that he is a bloody sob.
MP David Jones Liar Fraudster Homophobic Greedy

MP David Jones

Roberts is just a useless fat lump that Jones has used to help with the secret publication of his internet blogs, and twitter accounts, Roberts is a sad wannabe bully who derives pleasure by anonymously inflicting torment on others.
Moore, Jones used as a go between, a go between between him and his blogs, providing Moore with information that Moore would then write up and pass to Roberts to publish.
The rest of the gang, Ruby Williams, Chris Drew, Judith Phillips, Dave Roberts, DSI Hanson,etc. are from a similar mould. Sad little bullies.