Insults, insults and more insults…..

I am forever amused by the mentality of the internet trolls,

MP for Clwyd West
David Ian Jones,

Unemployed Newsagent, Nigel ‘7 Bellies’ Roberts

Steve ‘Rico’ ‘Urinal head’ Davis.

These three continue to send vile comments and threats into this blog, their aim is to get me to publish them and react back.

They are only to aware that if I report these malicious communications to North Wales Police, North Wales Police will not act against them.

So what’s the answer? 

Well in my mind I am ever confident that one day an outside force will be ordered to investigate the unprofessional actions of North Wales Police, for that reason I collate the evidence, I send everything to my solicitor and I wait.

I certainly do not let their warped behaviour wind me up any more, I used to, especially when they attacked my family, but that just’s what they want, so now I just wait. 

I don’t publish their comments in response to any posts I have published on my blog, but occasionally I will point out their juvenile behaviour.

What I find astonishing is why people would want to be so vile, especially an MP, and not just any MP, an ex Secretary of State for Wales, who is known for his trolling, who stalks children and collects their photographs, it is very worrying that although the authorities are aware of his behaviour, they turn a blind eye to it.

I have said several times, “what are they really hiding”?