The names they keep a changing.

When I was at school, name calling was the order of the day, especially if you had a name that could be easily used to take the mick, but that was when I was at school.

You would think someone of David Jones MP standing would have ceased name calling a long time ago, One wonders if he could not have come up with something better than shagger Millar, as a way of trying to belittle his AM counterpart, Darran Millar, not the case sadly.

Nigel Roberts, what can I say? in his case its completely understandable, a weak individual, who lacks any kind of gumption, so its easy to understand why he has never developed a strong understanding of right and wrong.

Roberts mate Steve ‘Rico’ Davies on the other hand he has been consistent through out his life, a bully born and bread, typically his bullying is conducted over the internet using an array of aliases.

The names these idiots call me is water off a ducks back. I have a unique surname in Windmill, they choose to refer to me as Windy, that’s cool, I find it quite endearing, amusingly they have recently changed it to Whingey.

I expect they are a bit tired of me highlighting just what a nasty bunch of creatures these three and their friends are.

So Whingey it is, I like it, I cannot wait for their next attempt at name calling.

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