Copied with kind permission from Mr Llandudno.

Good to see you back Mr Llan

Thoughts On Trojan

1. He’s a prick
2. He’s a troll
3. A playground bully who relished his role as football hooligan
4. Can’t be trusted
5. Fondly remembered as a scruffy kid from Kings Rd
6. Lives in California but terribly homesick
7. Supporter of Thoughts of Oscar
8. Has a strange years old obsession with Craig Ollerton
9. Now obsessed with Richie Windmill
10. Likes to give pet names to the objects of his obsessions
11. Likes to set up anonymous blogs
12. A strange man with a murky past

1 thought on “Trojan”

  1. I suppose one could always ask Liborio Bellomo to have a short sharp word with him! Perhaps asking him very politely to behave himself.

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