North Wales Police

Have you ever wondered why it is so expensive to fund our police force?

Is it because of the huge pay structure involved? Partly

Is it because of additional training costs? Now that’s a tricky one

Is it because of the costly payouts because of illegal arrests and searches? defiantly does not help

There are so many factors involved in the running and maintaining our police forces, with North Wales Police a huge cost to the tax payer is down to plain carelessness.

Below is a list of accidents caused prominently by careless driving on behalf of North Wales Police Officers, it makes me wonder if they are so careless with their own vehicles.




01-01-2016 to 03-04-2016

This is a list of the declared incidents, the undeclared could make the below figure double.

North Wales Police failed to include the incident involving PC Nia Owen & the deer she hit.

Total known cost to the tax payer £13,202.62 in just four months.

This list makes interesting reading, the reader may like to note some of the reasons, for example:

Reversing in Deeside cost to the tax payer £240.44

Turning manoeuvre in Mochdre £655.47

Parking £568.60

Turning manoeuvre in Bala £1957.72

Parking in Dolgellau £1049.06

Parking in Ffynnongroew £429.32

Reversing in Coedpoeth in £664.24

Reversing in Bethesda £499.97

Reversing in Ely £252.50

Reversing in Barmouth £479.54

Where did these idiots learn to drive? it appears reversing is a particular problem for the officers of North Wales Police.

This is our money they are burning away.