A familiar tale


I am not privy to this matter but having had a similar experience with North Wales Police over the last year I find it all to believable.

The saddest thing about this type of illegal behaviour on behalf of North Wales Police is those affected are left feeling nothing but contempt for the very people we should be able to trust.

North Wales Police are as corrupt as they come.

North Wales Police are bent, a Sovereign friend of mine asked me to post his plight here, he is being persecuted, harassed, assaulted, kidnapped, been held prisoner unlawfully and had property damaged, stolen and interfered with.
Magistrates actually saw some wounds and injuries, my friend protested the unlawful arrest and imprisonment and they released him immediately.
They stole his car, claiming it to be an entirely different car altogether, documents and witnesses can be provided to prove beyond doubt the lies and malice. At all stages, my friend has done nothing apart from document it all, the Police attempt to make up stories to family members, stating one extremely bizarre claim that he ‘takes drugs you never come down from’ whereas in fact he takes no drugs at all.
Where on earth does one ever get to the bottom of such obvious wrongdoing and corruption?

Hello, and thanks for your input and patience. I have had to gain more information for you people and can now comprehensively give you details. November 9th or thereabouts, Police burgled his privately owned property with no lawful authority or reasonable excuse. They smashed the door in and claimed to have arrested him when he was not even in the County Borough. He spoke to a Policeman who is his neighbour, who said “That’s not right” when presented with the void police documentation left on the floor. “No, it isn’t right” was the obvious reply. My friend had certainly not been arrested. He wrote to the Chief Constable via RECORDED DELIVERY, stating the facts, rejecting the maliicous nonsensical paperwork, as well as the very cheeky £150 bill for boarding the door up!

He wrote to the useless criminal Chief Constable numerous times, highlighting the situation and received NO REPLY. The Policeman neighbour said: “He won’t reply, he wants to avoid liability” Then, ten days later they dragged him out of a private property after barging past the householder, assaulted, brutalised and kidnapped him, then held him against his free-will under protest and duress. He marked their meaningless documents “UNDER PROTEST AND DURESS- VOID”reflecting the truth and the severity of the Police’s crimes. The Police then re-entered the household, against the wishes of the occupant, claiming one of their criminal Constables had left something behaind, then proceeded to steal my friends keys. Then, not having broken the law enough, they proceeded to move his BMW 325 TDS SE from a privately owned carpark, moving it on to a public highway, then called NORTH WALES RECOVERY to aid in the theft of this privately owned NON-UK REGISTERED CAR. To make matters worse, they claimed this privately owned car to be a completely different car altogether, which my friend also owned. NORTH WALES RECOVERY stated to my friend that they had destroyed the privately owned car (with no lawful authority or reasonable excuse.)

Luckily for my frined, he had informed several professional people, and friends of his plight, and has documented the whole situation and can provide copies of notices, photographs and witnesses, some of whom are professional. An AA patrol mechanic with 40 years experience, a Traffic pooliceman with 20 years experience, a Father and Son scrap metal merchant team, and LEO METals FROM CORWEN WHO PROCESSED THE ALLEGEDLY ‘SEIZED AND DESTROYED’ car. As you have probably guessed, it is not possible to still possess something which is allegedly seized and destroyed, so my frined kept the machine for months and months, to add credence to the situation, then fully documented it’s removal and disposal. DVLA attempted to defraud my friend out of THOUSANDS OF POUNDS, via means of FRAUDULENCE on the part of a CRIMINAL POLICEMAN – With the name of DUFFY collar number 1676. The Police burgled his property, after tresspassing, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, in a desperate attempt to ‘get a result’ or whatever else goes on in their devious minds. Whatever it is, they CONTINUALLY MESS UP IN THE MOST CHILD-LIKE, NAIVE AND AMATEUR WAYS. Luckily, North Wales Police are wet behind the ears, inexperienced and fall over themselves for ‘a pieve of action’ and make a catalogue of crimes in their idiotic methods of operating. They continually harrass, tresspass, damage and steal property, falsely arrest, imprison and brutalise him, make up stories in an attempt to warp the truth and generally behave in the most disgusting ways. Mocking, sleep-deprivation-torturing, humiliating and then to top it all, maliciously charge his person with non-existent ‘offences’ most of which allegedly occur whilst in UNLAWFUL CUSTODY

My friend completely rejects their malice, and has done so at every opportunity. He was brought in front of Magistrates, after the criminal Police smashed his front door in to arbitrarily arrest him, (not being satisfied as to smashing the back door in) who were informed that my friend was not a legal person or corporation, and offered to conditionally place a plea on the grounds they accept the fact he was unlawfully arrested and imprisoned at the time. He then went on to state how he had been in unlawful custody for 36 hours, and made it clear that he had received horrific injuries. The Magistrates saw the gravity of the situation, and rightly relesed him immediately. Then, a completely warped newspaper article appeared, claiming me friend had caused a ‘Racially aggrivated public order offence’ by stating to a criminal policeman guilty of false arrest and assault : “Why don’t you fXXX off back to Australia where you belong, instead of harassing innocent people such as me?” With the criminal Policeman inserting the word ‘Australia’ himself, in a desperate attempt to criminalise. My friend actually stated, and this is documented by the Police themselves: “Why don’t you FXXX off back to where you belong (meaning ON PATROL) instead of harassing innocent people such as me” to which they obviously couldnl’t act upon, with it being obvious fact, using logic and reason. My friend has made several pertinent people informed of the facts, and has given them paperwork and ditital files on USB sticks, and has also sent them to several places on email for safe keeping.

The Police have completely ignored The Rule of Law, PERSISTENTLY TRESSPASSED, made up stories and ‘situations’, broken nearly every tenet of The Common Law and trashed his property, stolen things, especially the Royal Mail Postal Receipts and all his paperwork. The Police tampered and altered the paperwork, then planted it in his home, assuming it wouldn’t be noticed, however; my friend has a keen eye for detail, and spotted it. Unfortunately for the Police, my friend copied the original copies and guess what? The Police stole those also, during one of their numerous criminal attempts at covering-up their obvious malice.The Police have stolen ALL COPIES OF PAPERWORK, INCLUDING THEIR OWN NONSENSE WHICH THEY PLANTED.

Double guess what? My friend is an absolute genius, and told me this would happen, and thus made copies of the copies. Nice work. They are hidden in a building where those crooked Crown employees (who do nothing to uphold their Oath of Office, or the Common Law) cannot ever discover them. I am in receipt of these documents and shall post them online. This includes ALL NOTICES SENT as well as PHOTOGRAPS OF THE TWO BMW 325TDS SE CARS and ROYAL MAIL SCREENSHOTS of G.GODDARD or BYRNE signing for them, as well as a few remaining postal Receipts. In a nutshell, NORTH WALES POLICE are totally screwed by assuming everyone is as stupid as they are. Result for the people. NORTH WALES POLICE ARE TRAGIC EXCUSES, DEVIOD OF HUMANITY AND INTELLECT, AND HAVE NO REGARD FOR LAW AND ORDER, PRIVATE PROPERTY OR THE SAFETY OF PEOPLE. I am sure you all eagerly await the NOTICES, postal receipts, photograps etc, and they will be provided to you soon, as and when I receive them. Thank you for your interest in this absolutley deranged situation.