Janet Finch Saunders

For those of you who have never met JFS, you have had a lucky escape.

JFS is a sneaky liar who will do almost anything to gain a leg up the political ladder, a lot like her close friend and internet troll David Jones MP.

Late August 2014 prior to Guto Bebb MP exposing the authors behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ in a House Of Commons speech on 09-09-2014, Guto Bebbs office informed the office of his AM counterpart, JFS, of his intentions, as a matter of professional courtesy.

Rather than treating the matter as the confidence it was, JFS took it upon herself to inform Dylan Moore and David Jones MP that Bebb was to name them as authors of that troll blog in his commons speech.

She then conspired with Moore and Jones to state that she had heard Bebb refer to these matters in public prior to his speech, this allowed Moore and Jones the opportunity to challenge Bebb, deny his accusations and if need be sue him under civil law,  something they would not have been unable to do if they had not precured the devious testament of JFS. 

So to put it simply like Jones and Moore JFS is.a bloody liar.

You couldn’t trust this woman and more than you would the devil himself, she has only one motivation, power.

Last year prior to the general election I posted this post about Jones:

As David Jones MP for Clwyd West fights to retain his seat the stories of his involvement with the troll blog  ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, will not go away. That disgusting blog and its authors/contributors, which we know that not so honourable MP was one of, is responsible for so much upset and discord over a seven year period.
Last September Guto Bebb, David Jones’s conservative colleague, implied in a speech he made in The House Of Commons regarding the Thoughts Of Oscar Troll Blog, that David Jones was indeed one of the blogs authors.
Mr Jones vehemently denied this, indeed he phoned me out of the blue and spent 40 minutes trying to convince me of his non involvement in the blog.
As a result of that phone call he then invited my wife and I to a meeting at his constituency office during which he spent 57 minutes denying ever having anything to do with the blog in anyway at all.
Yet in a later meeting with his long term business partner Mr Dylan Moore, Mr Moore repeatedly stated that David Jones had been a regular contributor/author to the Thoughts Of Oscar Troll blog.
This has all been publicly aired before, but refuses to go away.
I believe Mr Jones will before long find himself in a bit of a mess, after all for every lie he tells he needs to tell at least two more to cover the original up.
Now we are all aware that politicians are not the most honest people at the best of times but Mr Jones takes dishonesty to a new level.
Although I like many others want to see Gareth Thomas succeed in beating David Jones in the forth coming election for Clwyd West, I hope that David Jones does retains his seat, why you may ask?
Mr Jones is an embarrassment to the Conservative Party, even his chief whip, Michael Gove has had to take him to task about his dishonesty, David Cameron sacked him from his cabinet position as Secretary Of State for Wales, he fiddled his expenses to the tune of £81,000, he used his position to get his friends privileged audiences with high ranking police officers, as a member of the Masons he has help influence certain legal cases.
This man is the most corrupt and dishonest person I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to and if he retains the Clwyd West seat he will undoubtedly bring more shame and scandal down upon the Conservative Party, which from the point of view of many can and will be a good thing.
As a consequence Jones conspired to have me arrested under this 1983 law
I was never charged as it was all true and had been said before, but I was kept on bail for 5 months, bail which I later discovered did not exist! a matter which is being dealt with by my solicitor.
I am aware JFS will contact Jones’ mate in North Wales Police and have me arrested for a similar offence because of what I have published here today.
Everything that has been published in this post has been published and made public before.
JFS has wasted a huge amount of money sending to date 4 leaflets through every Aberconwy residential door, leaflets like these:
Janet Finch Saunders liar corrupt greedy conspirator

Janet Finch Saunders

Recycled rubbish

JFS will not retain her seat, she is not liked, not respected and defiantly not trusted.

My one desire so far as the Assembly elections are concerned is that Mike priestly takes the seat currently occupied by JFS, he is a good down to earth man from a working class background, it is my belief that he will represent all Aberconwy residents in their interests and not his own. 

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  1. Sneaky is not the word, downright distrustful is a fiends experience. A few years ago when standing for one Election, she suggested to an my pal that he stand alongside her where he would probably have a greater chance of being elected. Being her main opponent it was thought they would both be elected. He stopped his own leaflet printing and understood he would be sharing the publicity and canvassing with her once the campaign started. Came the time for nominations to be put in, she came out with the bombshell that she was withdrawing her offer of a joint campaign! This left my friend in a diffcult position with little time to get his nomination in, his publicity out and canvassing underway. Ms JFS then proceeded to put forward her other candidate who had been waiting in the wings all the time. Her tactic was purely to get rid of her main competition by creating the major interuption in his campaign. Needless to say my friend did not get elected, and JFS got her preferred candidate!

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