Nigel’s Mate

Steven Dickens! how would I describe this lump?

Steve Dickens Bully

Steve Dickens

Wanna be hard man? maybe, Someone who use’s his bulk (fat) to intimidate others? yes

A man of principal? uuuuhh no

For the second time in three years I was confronted with this stupid oaf, I was turning right out of Craig y Don, onto the prom, a very busy prom, there he was, in his van refusing to give way, the ignorant twat.

No matter, but in typical Dickens fashion he was giving the big I am! sign of of a twat, in my estimation.

He signalled for me to pull over, presumably for a confrontation, so when i made my intention to do so, he drove off.


I respect a man who faces you face to face, that’s why I get so annoyed with people like Dickens’ mates, the internet troll Nigel Roberts and the MP David Jones, who like Dickens are gutless and use anonymity to attack people.

We should be reminded that MP David Jones and Roberts used Dickens to threaten Mr Jonathan Williams, a man who soon after the threat committed suicide and all because he was seeking the authors behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. Fact.

North Wales Police did nothing when this tragic incident was reported to them, but then there is nothing new.

2 thoughts on “Nigel’s Mate”

  1. The bigger they are the harder they fall, just remember what happened to Goliath. Wonder if he has been given his pocket money this week?

  2. Could not think that Dickens would be any friend of Roberts after what Nigel wrote about him on the Blogs. Would be more like wanting to give him a damn good hiding.

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