Theresa May

Powerful Hillsborough statement from Theresa May reduces MPs to tears

She said the events of 1989 had “shocked this country and devastated the community.”

The Home Secretary’s voice cracked with emotion as she read out the verdicts of the jury one by one, to a hushed House of Commons.

Yesterday, an inquest jury found the 96 football fans who died as a result of the tragedy were unlawfully killed.

Theresa May continues saying of the police and associated authorities, ” the authorities that should have been trusted have laid blame and tried to protect themselves instead of acting in the public interest”.

Sounds familiar!

“ The families have never faltered in their pursuit of the truth. Thanks to their actions they have brought about a proper reinvestigation and a thorough re-evaluation of what happened at Hillsborough.

As I have said in a previous post I am not trying to compare the awful tragedy of Hillsborough to horrible situation many locals in this area have had to endure for 9 years now because of the corrupt involvement of North Wales Police and their Freemason connected friends, most importantly the MP for Clwyd West David Jones.

Thanks to the success of the Hillsborough investigation and its correct outcome, Theresa May has committed her department to look into all reports of Police cover ups/corruption that land on her desk, so I am taking her at her word.

below is a short version of what she will receive.

North Wales is a beautiful part of the UK, but is blighted by a corrupt police force. North Wales Police are one of the most controversial police authorities in recent times, regularly hitting the national press with stories of their obsession with motorists.

But that is nothing by comparison, this police force is riddled with corrupt officers, many with links to the Freemasons, this police force between 2007 & 2014 protected the identities of the poison pen style blog (Thoughts of Oscar), which was exposed on September 9th 2014 in the house of Commons.

Shortly after this blog’s exposure & with the aid of outside agencies, it came to light that not only were North Wales Police using that blog as an unofficial intel system, but one of it’s main authors was the MP for Clwyd West & ex-Secretary State for Wales (sacked by the PM in June 2014) David Ian Jones, the same MP who was recently exposed for trolling the Prime Minister and a Freemason.

This police force has abused it’s powers in recent year, most notably:

  • Officers beating up their pet dogs and keeping their jobs
  • Female officer coming off shift, driving in excess of 90mph, with 2 defective tyres, kills a deer, her superiors cover it up until recently.
  • Harassment leading to false arrests & house raids.
  • PCSO’S assaulting children with disabilities.
  • Harassment of a local family that has spanned 35 years.
  • Harassment of another local man, whom  was responsible for the exposure of the MP for Clwyd West and his Freemasonry links within North Wales Police.
  • Unlawful strip search of a 15 year old child.
  • Deliberate killing of a terrified dog on the A55 at 3am by 2 officers.
  • Intimidation of an individual & dissemination of false information.

I would ask the Home Secretary to look at the information detailed above with the view of ordering a full review of the unprofessional activities carried out by North Wales Police and in addition examine their links with Freemasonry and the MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones.