Election time

Aberconwy goes to the poles tomorrow to vote for a its Welsh Assembly seat, how will you vote?

I try to keep my politics at bay when assessing the individual I am going to vote for, why? simply put, Integrity.

Many of my readers will be aware that I am a socialist, there is nothing anyone could ever do to change that, so I vote for my Labour candidate.

But, and invariably there is always a but, I do like to assess all the individuals standing, why?

Many politically motivated individuals use the political ladder as a means for their own benift, they appear to represent you and me, but the truth of the matter, more often than not is they are in it solely for themselves.

So lets look at the candidates.

1, Janet Finch Saunders, Conservative, some of you will be aware that I have blogged about this woman (cannot refer to her as a lady) before, about her association with the internet troll David Jones MP and her support for him and about how she stitched up her Aberconwy Tory counterpart Guto Bebb, by lying. http://conwyllandudnoblog.co.uk/2016/04/28/janet-finch-saunders/

David Jones MP Janet Finch Saunders AM Liars Corruption Internet trolls

David Jones MP
Janet Finch Saunders AM
Internet trolls

No matter her politics, I could not vote for her, she has no moral fibre and shares the same level of  integrity as the internet troll David Jones MP.

2, Trystan Lewis, Plaid Cymru, I knew Trystan years ago, when he was still at school, he has always struck me as being dependable, and I am sure if he won the vote he would represent Plaid Cymru honourably, so good luck to him.

Sarah Lesiter-Burgess, Lib Dems, I don’t know this lady but from what I have read she seems pleasent enough, certainly she does not appear to have an association with internet trolls and trolling, unlike her opponent Janet Finch Saunders.

4, Last but not least, councillor Mike Priestly, Labour, I have known of Mike for many years but am not associated with him, other than by the fact that our politics are similar.

What I do know about Mike is this, he is from a working class background, he is a family man, he is honest, he cares about his local community and is extremely proactive.

This man has all the good quality’s that some of his opponents seriously lack, for that reason and that reason alone I will be voting for Mike Priestly, as I hope all other members of the community will.

Aberconwy needs to be represented by someone with his qualities but just as importantly by someone who is in it for local people and the area, not themselves.