May the sith be with you

One year ago today our servants of the law, North Wales Police, arrested me, twice!

Twice in the space of five minutes.

PC Kelly-Smith, a be-speckled wimpy looking officer and his female colleague, presented themselves at my door, Smith joyfully announced his intention to arrest me.

Being the compliant chap I am I allowed them access to our home, somewhat confused I asked Smith why I was being arrested, he replied, “for violently harassing Nigel & Wendy Roberts in the street on Monday 27th of April”, even more confused I responded by saying “what”.

Internet trolls & Police informants Nigel and Wendy Roberts from Llandudno

This link will help the reader understand my response of “what”.

Shortly after arresting me for the above offence PC Kelly-Smith then informed me he was arresting me, “for something to do with the election”!

PC Kelly-Smith did not have a clue what he was arresting me for, even after my arrival at custody in St Asaph, the custody Sargent had no idea what my second arrest was all about.

As it turned out the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones had complained that information I was publishing about him at that time was false and impeded his chance of re-election, he used this law,, to have me arrested.

Internet troll, Freemason, Liar. homophobic Tory MP David Jones

It must be remembered that this horrible little person had been outed by me as a major author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, who then went on to troll the PM.

PC Kelly-Smith excitedly patted me down and found a lump near my groin, which turned out to be my wallet.

As I was dressed casually for the house I requested permission to change before Smith and his colleague transported me to custody, Smith granted my desire to change but insisted on watching me, perhaps he thought I was going to do a runner for these heinous crimes, or perhaps he just likes watching middle aged men naked, nether the less he insisted on viewing my naked form, a massive invasion of my privacy.

Smith eyed my mobile phone and plunged to seize it, must have been after my accomplices to the crimes I had been accussed of.

On returning down stairs I went to bid my wife farewell and Smith grabbed me by the arm, yanking me away, that’s assault.

After seventeen hours in custody I was eventually interviewed by the comedic PC Gary James, I say comedic because this fool could not conduct a proper interview in a million years, anyway seeing he was getting nowhere he decided to lie about me when writing up his report, as a consequence of his lies, the lies of Nigel & Wendy Roberts the offence of violent harassment was reduced to a section 5 public order offence.

This offence never saw the light of day because the evidence proved the Roberts’ were the ones that actually violently harassed me and my son, not the other way round, so hours before appearing in court the Roberts’ withdrew their complaint, which was an awful shame because they refused me the chance to expose them for the horrible liars they quite obviously are.

As for MP David Jones, his accusations against me were proved to be unfounded from the very beginning but that did not stop his Freemason mates in North Wales Police, Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, Inspector Ian Verburg, Chief constable Mark Polin and Superintendent John Hanson keeping me on bail for five months, before telling me that NO FURTHER ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.

These two unlawful arrests have cost you the tax payers thousands of pounds, Nigel & Wendy Roberts were never prosecuted for perverting the course of justice because of their sworn lies about me, but then they wouldn’t would they, as they are registered North Wales Police informants.

Quite unsurprisingly MP David Jones was never prosecuted for perverting the course of justice as a consequence of his lies about me, Freemasons hey, they get away with murder!

As for North Wales Police, I am suing them for their unlawful actions etc.

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  1. Sounds to me as though North Wales Police are not only a bunch of incompetent idiots, but are totally lacking in leadership and direction, and have much too much time on their hands. As there is due to be a new Police Commissioner appointed, maybe he (or she) will have enough gumption to do something about it. Or will it be someone who will decide not to “rock the boat”, leave the status quo, and snuggle up to the senior members of the Force so that things can continue as before? Don’t hold your breath.

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