I love Mythology, within it you find a lot of truth, I have found that many so called powerful people have behaved like Mythological characters, lied, committed wrongs against innocent people, painted a deception about individuals, all for their own end.

Take Hades most perceive Hades as evil, bad, the devil himself, when in fact you couldn’t be further from the truth.

The story of Zeus & Hades I liken to MP David Jones & folk he has put down, an individual who has spent his life lying and manipulating the truth for his egotistical political career.

MP David Jones Unstable Liar Homophobic The devil incarnate Internet troll Wife beater Thief Homophobic

MP David Jones
Liar, Internet troll, Wife beater, Thief, Homophobic

If Hades was the true heir to the throne of the Gods, as the eldest and ended up with the crummiest job anyone could possible get; where everyone is trying to outwit and undermine his authority, where the most precious object within your dominion, the gems, are stolen without any reverence and had to spend an eternity alone; I would think it is justified if he was a little mad!

Besides that, he has to keep all the worst scum of the universe and make sure they remained there!

He is also, in some sites, depicted as just, someone who despised the dead returning to the living, or for them being mistreated, it is said that he would avenge wrongs done to the dead and also defamation.

So if all that is true, how come, his still not given a break?

I mean if the tale of Persephone is the worst one can come up with, it is important to remember that he stole Persephone with Zeus’ permission and like a politician, it was Zeus who changed his stance to please Demeter and besides, Zeus is guilty for more than one sin and maybe even trespassing on his own brother’s wife and daughter.

There are worst Gods than Hades, comparatively, I mean take Ares or his sons; even maybe Zeus! Besides, to me at least, Hades seemed to be the more controlled of all Gods!