North Wales Police

Former North Wales chief superintendent appears in court in Mold to hear both cases against him to be joined together in one trial

North Wales Police Paedophile Cop and Freemason friend of MP David Jones.


Gordon Anglesea is to be tried at the Old Bailey, presumably to get him away from his Freemason friends in North Wales who had assisted in his protection from prosecution.

One of the more influential amongst Freemasons in North Wales is his long time friend David Jones, the Tory MP for Clwyd West.

MP David Jones, liar, Freemason

MP David Jones, liar, Freemason


Freemasons in the area have been responsible for huge injustices against innocent people, MP David Jones has regularly influenced many of these injustices, in recent years his interference and influence has been a major contributor to the false arrests of some of the group known as VOO, AKA,

Jones’ name keep cropping up and is soon to be revealed as a conspirator to a major cover up when a local resident was run down and killed, the person responsible is a fellow Freemason.