Incompetent North Wales Police

Yesterday morning at 11am, the major four way road junction which incorporates Asda was dangerously chaotic, all four sets of traffic lights were out.

Conway road is Llandudno’s busiest road, it comes off the A 470 which is the main route into the town and Saturday mornings are the busiest of the week, this traffic light junction is constantly busy and dangerous even when the lights are working.

These lights were down for at least three hours and at no time did North Wales Police think to send officers to man the junction and control the flow of traffic, despite many complaints made to them including mine below and taking into account Llandudno’s police station is a five minute walk away.

If you care to listen to this short recording the operator working for North Wales Police says “there is nothing the police can do”.

If anyone did have an accident on that junction because of the lights being down then I would suggest you have a good case for suing North Wales Police, who should have acted immediately but did not act at all.

The operator says “officers are dealing with several incidents at the moment”, to me that says she is making excuses, yet even if it were the case North Wales Police last October 7th illegally raided my home using nine officers and for what? nothing. (A matter that is being dealt with by my solicitor).

They cannot spare at least one officer to control the traffic at this very dangerous junction.





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  1. I think you may find that the responsibility for the traffic lights rests with the Local Authority anf the Highways Agency. However, in such asituation, the Police could have taken over traffic control, albeit that it would probably have resulted in even a bigger mess.

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