The Worm Finally Turns

The diabolical way North Wales Police have treated my family and I finally hits the presses.

Today’s article in the Daily Post is the beginning of the end, this article has paved the way for all the events that led up to the unlawful arrests of my wife and I to be exposed in the tabloids.

Llandudno couple suing North Wales Police over ‘wrongful arrest’
13:00, 20 MAY 2016 UPDATED 15:16, 20 MAY 2016
Richie and Ellen Windmill were both arrested on October 7 last year on suspicion of harassment


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Richie Windmill, 52, is suing North Wales Police for wrongful arrest and claims it was linked to Thoughts of Oscar blog.

A married couple are suing North Wales Police for wrongful arrest.

Ellen Windmill and her husband Richie Windmill are both seeking damages from the force for trespassing, assault, false imprisonment and a breach of their human rights.

The couple, of Fairways, Llandudno, were arrested by North Wales Police officers on October 7 last year on suspicion of harrassment.

After being processed at St Asaph police station, both were interviewed and granted police bail and no further action was taken.

Mr Windmill, 52, and Mrs Windmill, 35, claim the arrest was linked to the now defunct poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar.

The blog – written by former Llandudno newsagent Nigel Roberts & MP David Jones – was the subject of six complaints to the police.

Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb complained to NWP about the blog in 2014, and those who were targeted set up a “Victims of Oscar” support group of which Mr and Mrs Windmill were founding members.
Tory MP Mr Bebb had described how the site “harassed, abused, libelled and generally targeted a series of individuals, businesses, council officials and local councillors”.

Following an investigation, North Wales Police announced in 2015 that they would not take any further action against Nigel Roberts.

The Windmills claim the arrest on October 7 was linked to their complaints about the blog.

In letters sent to NWP HQ at Colwyn Bay and seen by the Daily Post, Mr and Mrs Windmill say they were arrested and had property seized, including legally privileged information.

Speaking to the Daily Post, Mr Windmill said: “My wife has been terribly affected by this.

“She had never been arrested in her life before this. There was no evidence for this arrest.

“My disabled son’s Xbox was seized by police as part of their investigation.”

During her detention by police, Mrs Windmill had her fingerprints and DNA taken, along with a mug shot.

Mr Windmill alleges there were no reasonable grounds for his arrest and the matter could have been dealt with “on a voluntary basis”.

A North Wales Police spokesman said: “Owing to the matter being subject of an ongoing complaint, it would be inappropriate to add anything at this time.”

At last these horrible corrupt individuals who were responsible for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ are to be exposed and will be taken to task.

David Jones MP for Clwyd West, the blogs author.

Retired Newsagents Nigel & Wendy Roberts, the blogs publishers, and North Wales Police Informants.

Dylan Moore, Solicitor and business partner to David Jones, the blogs researcher and writer.

Ruby Williams, retired journalist, a co author to the blog.

Chris Drew, a co author to the blog.

Inspector Ian Verburg of North Wales Police, provided protection for the blog, he denied any knowledge of its existence to the many people that complained about the blog, he lied.

Ex Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys was complicit with the blog during its existence, he even threatened a private investigate who had been hired to find the individuals responsible for that blog.

Superintendent John Hanson, after North Wales Police were ordered to investigate the blog, Hanson ensured the the above people the investigation would go nowhere.

The BBC have contacted me and I have spoken with one of the major tabloids.

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  1. The Sh*t has really hit the fan, just hope that the Windmills get the justice they deserve. What price an MP now! Once again a Member of Parliament comes under scrutiny only this time it may end up costing him a lot more than his mis-use of Parliamentary expenses. He would be sensible if he resigns now as an appearance in court could well tip the balance and give a mental breakdown as experienced in the past. Those others involved, especially Nigel,Roberts, need to be dealt with as do all police officers who lied and protected the purpetrators of that vile Blog.

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