The wrongful performance of a normally lawful act; the wrongful and injurious exercise of lawful authority.
For those of you that have been following this blog, you may be aware of this article in last Saturdays Daily Post:
This article informs the reader that my wife and myself have lodged civil proceedings against North Wales Police for our unlawful arrests and the unlawful search of our home and seizure of our goods on 07-10-2015.
What you are not aware of there are three other cases being lodged against North Wales Police by myself.
1. For the unlawful arrests against me on 05-05-2015, when Nigel & Wendy Roberts lied to North Wales Police, stating I had violently harassed them in the street.
North Wales Police were aware this was a lie as the CCTV evidence they tried to use against me clearly demonstrated.
The CCTV evidence can be viewed in these posts.
2, David Jones MP deliberately lied to the police in this statement: which led to me being arrested for effecting his chances of re-election last year, resulting in my second unlawful arrest on 05-05-2015.
The reader may ask how was the Roberts’ and Jones able to get this level of co-operation from North Wales Police.
First and foremost the Roberts’ are Police informants and as publishers of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar, they allowed North Wales Police to use the blog as an intel tool. Far fetched you would be right in thinking, but completely true, as has been demonstrated. Nigel Roberts is also a Freemason.
For the short period of time Jones held a ministerial position he provided an immense amount of support to some senior officers within the ranks of North Wales Police, help that was very much over the top and all of who like himself are Freemasons.
As the main author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, Jones committed some pretty awful crimes of harassment and defamation, especially against his own political colleagues, like Guto Bebb MP and Darren Millar AM.
Jones has used his Freemason connections and his political position to gain police protection for his actions. 

3. misfeasance:  

This is the big one, North Wales Police completely abused their privileged powers to try and discredit me and the rest of the group known as VOO, http://victimsofoscar.com/ the very people they should have protected, but because of their own complicit behaviour with ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and their involvement with Jones and the Roberts’ they refused the lawful help we all needed.

They chose to target me as I have shouted the loudest and will continue to do so.

North Wales Police have never sought to prosecute the Roberts’, Jones and the other authors to that blog for perverting the course of justice.

North Wales Police are the most corrupt force in the UK. There is a report to be published shortly that has nothing to do with me but plenty to do with the unlawful behaviour of North Wales Police, this report will truly expose just how corrupt this police force truly is and additional clearly show the influence that Jones and the Freemasons have had in this sordid affair.

 David Jones will be in the press in the near future for all the wrong reasons, he will not be able to threaten legal action if anyone puts to print his involvement with that troll blog etc, as he has been doing to keep papers like the post from publishing the truth.
I have provided various individuals with the undeniable evidence of Jones lies and corrupt behaviour.

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  1. I have stumbled across your blog – via the resent story in the Daily Post.

    I have a vast amount of like experience at the hands of NWP and there bed fellows; CPS Court System admin staff and many more…

    I would be keen to speak with you and possibly meet to exchange information which may be mutually beneficial in removing the veil.

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