Freemasons & North Wales Police

When a police force is heavily influenced by another organisation, in the case of North Wales Police, the Freemasons, what chance do we the ordinary hard working public have of ever getting justice.

Justice that is continually denied when complaints made to North Wales Police directly effect officers that are Freemasons or have associated Mason friends.

North Wales Police are riddled with Freemasons, right through every level.

  1. Chief Constable Mark Polin, Freemason.
  2. Ex chief superintendent Simon Humpreys, Freemason.
  3. Superintendent John Hanson, Freemason.
  4. Inspector Ian Verburg, Freemason.
  5. DC Chris Walsh Freemason.
  6. PC Gary James, Freemason.

All these officers conspired to protect the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Despite official complaints made about these officers not one has been reprimanded.

Some time ago PC Craig Macleod and his partner PC Anja Mason were caught abusing their dogs,

These two horrible officers should have been sacked, anyone else would have been, but not them & way? because PC Craig Macleod is a Freemason.

PC Nia Owen ran down and killed a deer when returning to St Asaph Police station to end her shift, she was travelling in excess of 90 MPH. This incident was covered up by her husband Superintendent Mark Owen and their close friend Superintendent Rob Kirman, both of who are Freemasons.

This is the tip of the iceberg and it stinks, but what is more worrying is the fact that the masonic influences in North Wales Police are influenced by outside masonic influential people.

Take the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ saga, here we had a bunch of people using anonymity to harass and defame countless people and businesses, yet when North Wales Police are forced to investigate these internet trolls, they the police conclude that no law had been broken.

That’s despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, evidence of hate crimes against gay people and disabled children, evidence of damning lies that led to the closure of businesses, evidence of stalking and of identity theft, the list is almost endless, yet those responsible are not even question by the investigating officers.

Now lets look at the players.

  1. Nigel Roberts takes sole responsibility for the blog after its forced closure by MP Guto Bebb,, Roberts was never questioned officially or otherwise by the investigating officers, who happen to be, DC Chris Walsh & Superintendent John Hanson, both Freemasons as is Roberts………Just to reflect on this situation, sometime early AM Janet Finch Saunders complained to North Wales Police about a mocked up picture of her that had been published on line. Admittedly it was slightly offensive but no more than that, North Wales Police prosecuted the man responsible for a public order offence, he was not a Freemason.
  2. David Jones MP is outed as an author to that troll blog, yet he is never questioned, quite the contrary Jones uses his Mason connections to have me the person that proved conclusively that Jones authored that blog, arrested. Jones is a Freemason.
  3. Dylan Moore, Jones’ business partner is conclusively proved to have assisted in the authorship of that blog, he is never questioned.
  4. Ruby Williams is proved to have assisted in the authorship of that blog, she is never questioned, she is a Lady Freemason.

Is this all coincidence? No.

So the saga continues until we get the truth.