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Nigel Roberts

Mr Richie Windmill made this Freedom of Information request to North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

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From: Mr Richie Windmill

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Dear North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner,

Could you please tell me why Nigel Roberts formally of Nigel Roberts Newsagents and the self confessed author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, was never questioned under caution or otherwise by the investigating officers, DC Chris Walsh and Superintendent John Hanson, who were tasked to oversee the ordered investigation into that blog after the blog was outed in a house of commons speech made by Guto Bebb MP on 09-09-2014.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Richie Windmill

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From: Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

Dear Sir

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner does not hold any information in relation to any part your request.

Section 1 Freedom of Information Act 2000

Swyddfa Comisiynydd Heddlu a Throsedd / Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
Pencadlys / Headquarters
Glan y Don
Bae Colwyn / Colwyn Bay LL29 8AW
Ffôn/Tel: 01492 805486
E-Bost/E-Mail: [North Wales PCC request email]

Ni ddylid trin e-bost ar y rhyngrwyd fel dull diogel o gyfathrebu. Mae Heddlu Gogledd Cymru yn monitro’r holl negeseuon e-bost a drosglwyddir ar y rhyngrwyd yn ogystal â’u cynnwys.
Dim ond er sylw’r sawl y’i cyfeiriwyd hi ato/ati y bwriedir y neges hon. Os ydych yn derbyn y neges hon mewn camgymeriad, gadewch i’r sawl a’i gyrrodd wybod a dilëwch hi oddi ar eich system. Gall defnyddio neu ddatgelu cynnwys y neges hon heb ganiatâd fod yn anghyfreithlon. Efallai nad yw’r farn a fynegir yn y ddogfen yn bolisi swyddogol. Diolch i chi am eich cydweithrediad.
Heddlu Gogledd Cymru

Internet e-mail is not to be treated as a secure means of communication. North Wales Police monitor all Internet e-mail activity and content.
This communication is intended for the addressee(s) only. Please notify the sender if received in error and erase from your system. Unauthorised use or disclosure of the content may be unlawful, Opinions expressed in this document may not be official policy. Thank you for your co-operation.
North Wales Police

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