Why did Jones troll the PM?

Once a troll always a troll but why did the MP for Clwyd West David Jones troll the PM?


Simply put, bitterness.

MP David Jones Is an Onanist

MP David Jones
Is an Onanist

Jones was humiliated when Cameron sacked him from his cabinet position as Welsh secretary and after less than two years in the job.

Jones has a record for cock ups when it comes to opening his mouth. We are all too aware of his authoring the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and all the horrible things he published about other people using anonymity, but when he attacked same sex couples and the disabled during his short tenure as a minister it was more than the PM could ignore.

Jones carries a grudge and in the knowledge he stands no chance of another ministerial position while Cameron is at the helm, trolling the PM was an obvious move on Jones’ part, given his track record, so that’s what he did, but he got caught.

Jones is banking on the UK leaving the EU because he knows in all likelihood that will lead to Cameron resigning or being forced out.

Jones will continue to lick the bum of Boris’ in the hope that Boris is the next PM and he Boris is stupid enough to bestow a ministerial position on Jones.