First there was this

PC 1352 Parminter, North Wales Police, Bullie, Bent cop, drink driving.


POLICE bosses yesterday leapt to the defence of a bobby accused of taking the law into his own hands.

It comes after abusive graffiti aimed at Conwy’s community beat officer, PC Dave Parminter, was daubed across the council office walls on Monday night.

The graffiti accused the PC of using “bullying” tactics.

But Inspector Steve Smith backed his officers in Conwy and gave his full support to PC Parminter.

Following the introduction a so-called “dispersal order” in the town, which bans troublemakers from within the medieval walls for a minimum of 24 hours, police have received a number of complaints about PC Parminter.

They alleged he was targeting certain youths and unfairly ejecting them from within the town walls.

Officers were focusing on the wrong individuals, it was claimed.

But Insp Smith said: “We have seen a huge reduction in incidents of anti-social behaviour in the town.”

Then there was this:

PC 1352 Parminter, another disgraceful cop/ex cop, employed with North Wales Police.