PC 1853 Philip Owen, not a Freemason then.

North Wales Police officers who are Freemasons are safe.

Misconduct Hearings

Police Misconduct Hearing

On May 25th & 26th 2016 PC 1853 Philip Owen appeared at police misconduct hearing at Police Headquarters in Colwyn Bay. This hearing was held in public and chaired by an independent and Legally Qualified Chair. The officer faced four separate allegations that he had accessed police records without a policing purpose –  a breach of the Standard of Professional Behavior relating to confidentiality (gross misconduct).

PC Owen admitted the conduct in three of the four allegations; he admitted part of the conduct in fourth allegation, but the other part was not proven. The panel determined that the officer should be dismissed from North Wales Police without notice.

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  1. Things happen in other Forces too!
    A Metropolitan Police sergeant has been dismissed for failing to respond to a fatal attack in which a man was stabbed more than 200 times.
    Sgt Kirsten Treasure, who worked in Croydon, ignored an initial call for assistance to the stabbing on 24 April 2014, a misconduct hearing was told……………

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