The mentality of Nigel Roberts and MP David Jones

I do not publish the disgusting comments sent into this blog for obvious reasons, they are designed to provoke a reaction.

I can conclusively prove the vile comments are sent by Nigel Roberts and the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, but they are confident that I will not report these vile comments to North Wales Police as North Wales Police will do nothing as has been proved many times in the past, when these despicable people have been reported to them for their disgusting internet trolling, anyone else will have been arrested but not these two and their associated friends.

So come on boys keep sending your vile childish rubbish, you really are pathetic, trolling me and my family in the manner you do says it all, you have the mentality of bitter spoiled playground bullies, for grown men you are disgusting.

Here are the two latest comments sent into my blog there reference is obvious.

How come you have a blue badge???
Is it because your wife is obese?

How’s the beast getting on in slimmer of the year contest?
Her legs must chaff they’re so big, like fucking tree trunks.

To answer the pathetic nature of these vile comments

1, We have a blue badge because we have a disabled child, something you well know as you chose to attack him on social media with your ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog. The fact that you know we have a blue badge is yet more proof of you stalking us.

2, As for my wife you can insult her all you like, the thing you will never be able to do is to insult her using your own names or face to face, because you are cowards and always will be.

3, My lovely wife is a truly wonderful person who does so much to the benefit of others, what do you do for the benefit of anyone other than yourselves?

4, Your comments will never effect her confidence.

He who laughs last, laughs longest.