Me Me Me

Screen shots from Nigel the trolls Twitter account.

Nigel has been back on the booze and recently had a stint at the Priory, he is understood to be sober again and by all accounts waiting for his friends.

That must be David, Dylan, Chris and Ruby.

‘Poor Nigel he has such a difficult time’.


Screenshot 2016-06-01 21.31.57

Nigel says here,  ‘this seems to be my experience of Twitter, police do their best’.

Screenshot 2016-06-01 21.44.17

Really Nigel, really? at this point I have come to the realisation that Nigel Roberts and his like will never take responsibility for the dreadful crimes they have committed against so many people over the internet under the guise of anonymity.

Nigel’s statement above, clearly demonstrates just how much he and his fellow internet trolls lack any sign of a conscience.

The best thing he says is ‘the police do their best’.

A little bit of clarification is needed Nigel, when you say they do their best’ one would have to assume that you mean in the case of North Wales Police, they do their best to protect internet trolls like yourself and the MP for Clwyd West David Jones..

By your own admission you trolled hundreds of individual adults and businesses, you stalked families and children, you stole pictures of children and used them for your own gratification, you trolled the disabled and homosexual men, (are you a closet homosexual Nigel?).

Yet what did North Wales Police do? nothing. Why did they do nothing? simple’s, you Nigel are a police informant, a grass, a low life tittle tattle, you also allowed North Wales Police to use your troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ to besmirch the reputations of people they were trying to prosecute and on top of all that you were at one time employed by North Wales Police as a Special Constable.

Nigel Roberts you are disgusting and a nuisance to society.

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  1. Echoing a comment from his MP Pal, David Jones, “Hear, Hear!” Let the cry thunder round the house! May all his sandcastles get woodworm and dry rot, may his liver turn to jelly! In fact may the wrath of all the Gods descend on his countenance, not forgetting his misses, of course.

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