Thanks again to Mr Llandudno

Friday, 3 June 2016

Dear me, Nigel just doesn’t learn does he?
It’s all about him.
At no point has he ever thought to say sorry, no he just carries on like he’s done nothing wrong, like he never caused any hurt or upset for seven years.
Perhaps this is how he became a raging alcoholic? Perhaps he’d feel some remorse, not like the feeling and be drawn to pouring himself another drink, who knows what goes on in the mind of an internet troll?
It’s all very well blocking people Nigel, but no good when your followers are happy to send in screenshots of your twitter account to this blog.
It’s a shame that the people you tormented for seven years weren’t able to block you and David Jones from writing that nasty blog.

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1 thought on “Thanks again to Mr Llandudno”

  1. Nigel, you should hear some of the comments made about you by those who you consider as friends, makes the comments on this, and a couple of other social media sites, seem very tame. And other notorious bloggers have not even started on you yet. As you say, “Freedom of speech!” Rules, OK.

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