Nigel & David attack my disabled son

These two ignorant bullies and their publisher friend ‘Steve Rico Davies’, continue to attack disabled children.

North Wales Police refuse to stop them.

I have more than one son idiots.

Nigel Roberts David Jones MP Steve Davies Trolling my son

Nigel Roberts
David Jones MP
Steve Davies
Trolling my son


I cannot understand why anyone would attack the disabled let alone a politician, a retired newsagent and an ex pat, all grown boys (no man would behave like these despicable creatures). The worst thing is they behave like this in the safe knowledge that North Wales Police will not act against them.

I didn’t realise that that Nigel, David or Steve had the medical knowledge to decide who should and who shouldn’t receive assistance.

For me it’s water of a ducks back now, they insult my wife, they insult me, they insult my children and they insult those associated with

I publish their ignorance to keep the public informed, otherwise I wouldn’t bother, they really are pathetic.

Some individuals clearly need help.

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  1. I think you may find that a RN Retd Naval Commander is also involved in these attacks on you and your family. Someone who has assisted in election campaigns for North Wales politicians! Does this ring any bells?

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