MP David Jones official statement

Jones complained this post could effect his chance of being re-elected as MP for Clwyd West, that’s utter bullshit, he was looking for a way of shutting me up, thus preventing me from continuing to unearth the truth behind his involvement as a author/contributor to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Jones used this 1983 law to try and achieve his goal:

Had it not been for Jones’s Masonic connections in both North Wales Police and the CPS, his complaint would never have been entertained, this whole situation has come about because of corrupt greedy people.

Anyway back to his official police statement.

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Jones goes on about Michael Creamers social media statement informing the general public of Jones’s involvement with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.
Jones says “I was naturally horrified and raised the matter with the whips”.
Now Jones why would you be horrified, 18 months earlier I published a similar statement exposing your involvement into that blog, did you speak to the whips then?
I would put it to you Jones you are only horrified because it is the truth.
Jones goes on to say “I spoke to Nigel Roberts about this, who immediately made a post on the blog acknowledging that he was the sole author of the blog and that it was closing down”.
Of course you did, you had arranged with Nigel to take sole responsibility in an effort to take the responsibility away from you, I mean we couldn’t have you a Tory MP exposed as an internet troll could we? 
I suggest to you Jones this is the case and of course Nigel would be afforded the protection of your Masonic friends in North Wales police and the CPS hence the reason that despite compelling evidence against Nigel Roberts he has never been properly investigated for his internet activities or for his stalking of his victims and their family’s.
This whole thing stinks of a CONSPIRACY, sooner or later the truth will out and I will be there to see you exposed publicly.
Page 4, and a big lie…..
Jones goes on to say “I also made a brief statement to the press for the sake of clarification confirming that I had not been involved in the authorship of that blog”.
This I put to you Jones is totally untrue, I have a recording of your business partner Dylan Moore clearly confirming your involvement with that blog, in addition I have another recorded statement from your computer tech guy Ian Ralph, that you were indeed an author to that blog and Dylan acted as a buffer between you and the blogs sole publisher Nigel Roberts.
If you wish a copy of these recordings please submit an official request via this blog and they will be made available.
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