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A petition to force the resignation of David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West.

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David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West over recent years has created a great deal of hurt and discord, he has used anonymity/aliases to deflect attention away from himself. David Jones has been responsible for hateful statements against same sex couples, disabled veterans and disabled children, he has lied in official police statements to achieve the arrests of a local man and his wife, who have campaigned for the truth behind Jones’ internet trolling, (the couple concerned were later exonerated of the accusations made against them by Jones and are now in the process of suing North Wales Police, they have also served legal papers on Jones)

How can an elected person be trusted to represent his constituents with honesty and integrity when his own actions are so despicable? This MP is an utter disgrace, his behaviour reflects badly on all MP’s especially those MP’s who serve their communities as a priority over their own ambitions.

I care about my community and what’s more, I care about those people in our communities who are cruelly affected by the actions of people they deem too powerful to stand up against.

With the resignation of David Jones MP, our community would be able to rest easy in the knowledge that this person no longer holds the privileged position of an MP therefor making it far less likely that he can have a negative input in the community and get away with it.

David Jones has used his Freemason connections to assist him in his devious endeavours.

David Jones was behind false arrests

David Jones authored the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, the blog exposed in a House Of Commons speech made by Jones’ colleague MP for Aberconwy Guto Bebb.

David Jones denied any involvement with that blog, but evidence has since come to light that clearly shows that Jones was a major author to that troll blog.

David Jones has recently trolled the Prime Minister.  David Jones put his name to this account only after the Sun outed him as a troll.

David Jones disrespects gay couples

David Jones disrespects the disabled

David Jones used his Masonic connections

David Jones interferes with criminal trials

David Jones lies in an official police statement

David Jones fiddled his expenses

David Jones is proved to be corrupt

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  • Home Secretary and Member of Parliament for Maidenhead
    Rt Hon Theresa May MP

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