An interview with SGT Paul Anderson.

Another complaint

The usual vile rubbish is being written and published by Nigel Roberts David Jones and good old Steve Davies.

Once again vile comments published about my wife and attacks on my disabled son.

So to test the professionalism of North Wales Police I reported these disgusting comments, guess what North Wales Police are not interested, why?

A remarkable comment made by Sgt Anderson is as follows, “I have looked at their blog but not yours”.

1, How does he know what their blog is called? I never mentioned it to him, in fact the only person who did mention the name of their blog is Nigel Roberts in his police statement last year, when he accused me of writing it, to cover his tracks.

2, If North wales Police are aware of the blog in question and aware it belongs to them, then way have they not acted against them? this is a carbon copy of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ saga and North Wales Police are dealing with it in the same manner, they are a bloody disgrace, it is know wonder some folk take the law into their own hands.

Nigel Roberts is a police informant and Freemason.

David Jones MP is right up the arses of his Freemason mates at North Wales Police, Superintendent John Hanson, Inspector Ian Verburg and SGT Paul Anderson to name but a few.

Steve Davies is an ex pat living in the States.

My conversation with Anderson was recorded and is available via this blog.