If Dicko goes down

Steve Dickens faces prison after being found guilty of perverting the course of Justice.

Personally I don’t like Dickens, he’s a liability amongst other things, but that’s it, I don’t bare him malice but at the same time the way other people use his name concerns me.

This brings me back to Nigel Roberts and his ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ cronies.

Internet troll and police informant

Internet troll and police informant

Roberts would use Dickens name to threaten people, as was the case with Jonathan Williams, Nigel’s own words were “I didn’t expect Steve to go that far” “ha ha ha”, a statement he made when asked in the street outside his Newsagents, why he had used Dickens to threaten Johnathan Williams, because Mr Williams was trying to discover the identities of the people behind the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, a blog which was harassing him terribly.

Did Dickens threaten Mr Williams or did Nigel use his name and reputation to scare Mr Williams away from his endeavours?

After seeing how gleefully Nigel and his co-authors slated Dickens via one of their troll blogs, when Dickens was on remand for rape.

I’m inclined to believe that perhaps Dickens may not of been aware that Roberts was using his name for the protection of his & his friends anonymous troll blog.

Did Dickens know Roberts used his name to threaten Craig Ollerton, wrongly believing Craig to be ‘Mr Llandudno’.

Nigel Roberts internet troll, police informant and a coward

Nigel Roberts internet troll, police informant and a coward

Is Dickens aware that Roberts is a police informant? this was confirmed by his own solicitor Dylan Moore.

Nigel Roberts, police informant and internet troll

Nigel Roberts, police informant and internet troll

There are few things worse than a grass/snitch, words which were sprayed on cars belonging to Roberts and his wife.

Nigel Roberts is a thing of no conscience, a liar, a coward, a person who stalks children & a thing that would slate anyone, friend or foe.

But the worse of him is yet to come.

3 thoughts on “If Dicko goes down”

  1. 1 of my friends was on the Thoughts of Oscar blog then when she sent a msg in sayin she was going to tell everyone Oscar is Nigel Roberts the newsagent, then she got a msg from the blog sayin hope she wasnt claiming any benefits she wasnt entitled to and hope her landlord knows about her drug dealing friends visiting her flat. Some might think he was tryin to play on her guilty conscience but she had never done nothing wrong, never got in trouble with the police or anything. The mans a bully and was just tryin to shut her up so she wouldnt tell anyone, then funny how a month later she got kicked out with an eviction notice, never once missed her rent or anything. The best thing was seeing that blog took down, it was vile and full of liars and shit stirrers who enjoyed seeing the miseries and downfalls of others.

  2. Shane said, “I know dicko well .. He’s a big softy .. What’s all the fuss about ?”
    So was Al Capone, The Krays and The Richardsons, until you upset them. Or there was a”job” to be done, or “someone” to be dealt with. The Essex Marshes have a reputation for holding a few secrets, as does the odd concrete foundation and flyover!

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