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Former Welsh Secretary David Jones denies involvement in ‘poison pen’ blog

Andy McSmith @andymcsmith


An anonymous “poison pen” blogger has opened up a rift in the Conservative Party in North Wales, forcing a former Cabinet minister to deny that he has any part in writing it.

David Jones deliberately misled the public and lied about his involvement.

This covert recording has come to light, David Jones repeats himself continually professing his innocents during an interview with one of his chosen targets.

David Jones, who until recently sat in the Cabinet as Welsh Secretary, and his Llandudno-based business partner, Dylan Moore, have both vehemently denied any involvement in the political blog “Thoughts of Oscar”.

Dylan Moore also lied, he and Jones conspired with Aberconwy’s Tory Assembly Member, Janet Finch Saunders, to claim she had heard Guto Bebbs comments regarding Moore’s involvement with that poison pen blog prior to Bebbs Commons Speech of the same, this forced Guto Bebb to retract his accusation about Dylan Moore’s involvement for fear of a costly deformation trial.

This is a  covertly recorded conversation during which Moore completely confirms David Jones’ involvement with that blog.

Moore also confirms that Nigel Roberts, the self confessed author, was in fact a police informant.

Their denials have been backed by a local businessman, Nigel Roberts, who has said that he was the sole author of the blog, which was closed down after it was attacked in the Commons by Tory MP Guto Bebb, who described as a “vicious and nasty local blog”.

Nigel Roberts lied and it is believed he lied to protect David Jones, Dylan Moore and the involvement of North Wales Police. If he were the sole author to that blog why would he have published this post on the ‘Oscar’ blog prior to its demise?

Nigel Roberts admitting he was not the sole author to the troll blog 'Thoughts of Oscar'.

Nigel Roberts admitting he was not the sole author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Mr Bebb accused the blogger of making “vitriolic” attacks on Darren Miller, a Conservative member of the Welsh Assembly, and on Glyn Davies, the Tory MP for Montgomeryshire, and others. “Such harassment of individuals in the public domain is an electronic replication of the poison pen letter of old, and has nothing to do with the principle of free speech,” he said.

He also accused the site of publishing “libels” about him after he had visited Israel, and written an article accusing Hamas of provoking the Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

“My inbox was flooded with abuse and accusations of a very serious nature,” Mr Bebb told MPs. “Some of the emails received were of the ‘we know where you live’ variety. All emails referred to the article printed by this anonymous website. With five children at home, I had no choice but to contact North Wales Police to highlight my concerns.”

Unable to sue the blogger without knowing who he was, or persuade the police to take action, Mr Bebb said that he discussed the matter with a private detective, who had been hired by similarly-concerned constituents and who had traced the content of the blog to a house in Deganwy and a solicitor’s office in Llandudno.

Nigel Roberts Home on Deganwy Road.

Sandcastles the home of the poison pen blogger Nigel Roberts.

Sandcastles the home of the poison pen blogger Nigel Roberts.

The offices of David Jones solicitors in Llandudno, a building that posts and images were uploaded to the poison pen blog authored by David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, solicitor and Nigel Roberts, newsagent, ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

David Jones solicitors, troll blog owners.

David Jones solicitors, troll blog owners.

He told the MPs that the private investigator informed him with “absolute confidence” that Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore were involved in compiling the blog. Mr Bebb added that a third individual was suspected of involvement, but did not name him. He also questioned the role of police officers who appeared to know the identity of the blogger, and said that he would “distraught” if it turned out that the blog was being protected by the police.

Between 2007 and 2014 North Wales Police continually denied they had any knowledge of the blog or its authorship, they lied on orders from Cheif Constable Mark Polin and Cheif Superintendent Simon Humphreys, this email sent from Nigel Roberts to Guto Bebb confirms their lies.

North Wales Police lies

North Wales Police lies

Afterwards, Mr Jones, who was Secretary of State for Wales from 2012 until July this year, said in a statement: “To address any perceived ambiguity in Mr Bebb’s address to the House, I wish to make it clear that I was not involved in the authorship of the blog.”

As said previously Jones lied, his lies are also confirmed in this covert recording of his computer tech Ian Ralph.

Mr Moore, a business partner of Mr Jones, also denied involvement and challenged Mr Bebb to repeat his accusations outside the Commons, where he would not be protected by parliamentary privilege from being sued.

Moore lied, his involvement is also confirmed in the above recording.

A message on the website said: “I have contacted Mr Bebb today and advised him that the sole author of the blog is, in fact, me – Mr Nigel Roberts (as I am sure 99 oer cent of you knew anyway!). Mr Bebb says he doesn’t believe me. However, that is the truth. No-one else has been involved in the production of the blog.”

As has been demonstrated Nigel Roberts is a compulsive liar and a person not to be trusted, as are his fellow bloggers, David Jones MP for Clwyd West and Dylan Moore.

All these individuals along with associated friends continue to troll the internet anonymously, only now they target all those people who have fought to expose them and the involvement of North Wales Police, Mr Richie Windmill and his family being their prime targets, the evidence of this has been given to North Wales Police who in turn refuse to act.


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  1. Nigel’s comment about “THE FUSE HAS BEEN LIT” is quite interesting. Was someone else not accused of making a very similar comment and all Hell was let loose with David Jones and others claiming they were frightened for their lives? It would appear that the culprit could have been Nigel himself. Very interesting.

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