The statements from the trolls

Llandudno’s evil trolls Nigel and Wendy Roberts.

They remind me of the Wests, smiling inanely into the camera but behind that ugly facade lie two evil internet trolls amongst other things.

The Wests

Nigel and Wendy Roberts The trolls who published the ‘Thoughts of Oscar Blog’ and various other anonymous troll blogs, on the 27th of April last year falsely accused me of violent harassment, the police arrested me carted me off and interviewed me under caution.

After the viewing of CCTV evidence which clearly demonstrated my innocence and in fact showed the Robert’s were actually the aggressors, the charge of violent harassment was dropped but instead I was charged with a section 5 public order offence.

A few weeks later I appeared in court, during this hearing I pleaded not guilty at which point it was pointed out to me that it would be in my interest to plead guilty there and then, which would result in a small fine alongside the public order offence and a restraining order, if it went to full trial and I lost the fine would be much greater as would the punishment.

I refused their very generous offer and stuck to my guns, why should I plead guilty under pressure to something I was clearly not guilty of? how many people in a similar situation would have plead guilty under that kind of pressure just to get it over with?

The CPS then pressed ahead with their mickey mouse case against me, informing me, win or loose we intend to apply for a restraining order. Why? as we are all to aware the Roberts’ are not only police informants but they are also Freemasons!

I knew I was innocent, but then they the CPS & North Wales Police were trying to protect two major North Wales police informants (responsible for a lot of local arrests) & in their case the Roberts’ are very close friends of David Jones MP for Clwyd West, their fellow author to their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,  Jones himself was using his own influence to apply pressure to have me prosecuted.

These very people we know for seven years terrorised many many locals via the anonymity of their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, and other social media platforms, they enjoyed protection from North Wales Police and in return regularly supplied information to the police about local goings on.

This pair were very successful at fooling folk into the belief that they were their friends, two pairs of ears to of load your worries on too, the local friendly newsagents, when in fact they were quite the contrary, most of what they heard was supplied to the police and published on their blog.

So really it is all a bit of a mess but extremely corrupt, how many innocent people have suffered just so these horrible trolls are protected?

After three months on probation and at a cost of thousands of pounds to the tax payer, hours before I was due to appear in court to defend my self, my solicitor received a phone call informing him that Roberts had withdrawn their accusations against me, stating they did not want to face cross examination in court, I wonder why? all charges had been dropped.

At this point why were they not arrested for wasting police time and or perjury?

To date we have had no apology, the arrogance of these people is unbelievable.

Before I publish the Robert’s police statements it is important to remember that these people have been the cause of extreme worry and distress to hundreds of individuals and families over a period of seven years. They have never shown remorse for their actions and I believe never will. The content of their statements is very much woe is me and if you knew these individuals, like as one of their victims I do, just the reading of these statements is enough to make one cringe at the very least, so here goes:

Page one Roberts starts to deny ever saying what he said about the parents of disabled children and disabled children themselves.
Of coarse he would deny it as he has with every other hurtful statement/comment he published on the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.
He is hardly likely to admit it is he? all twenty nine people who have complained about him, his co-authors and his blog must be lying. 
 Roberts speaks about leaflets I produce informing the public about internet trolling. he says they were produced and distributed in October 2014, when in fact they were produced the end of November 2014.
Most liars have bad memories.
Then he states I was demanding money from him, when in fact I had served a legal writ.
for the next few pages he makes himself out to be the victim, it really is quite sickening.
 Now we come to the really interesting bit, I have previously stated that after the forced closure of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ Roberts and his co-authors opened new blogs just to attack the victims of their de-funct troll blog, the worst of these was CSI Llandudno for which Roberts was loosely investigated.
You will note about half way down Roberts mentions the CSI blog and denies at the time of writing this statement any knowledge and in his words says “I had no prior knowledge of the CSI blog, I have had no involvement in it at all”.
Then way seven days before making this statement did he publish on the closed paged of ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ a link to the CSI blog saying “a balanced view on the so called victims of Oscar”
As below.
Nigel Roberts like all trouble makers is a compulsive liar.
 Please note his continual lies and woe is me attitude, it is sickening.
Wendy’s statement to follow.