An admission

Taken from Nigel, David and Steve’s latest troll blog.

This is a snipet these antonymous troll bloggers copied from my blog, and their brief response to it.

I have a long term happy marriage and we have

three wonderful children, one of who is disabled, but

then you know that don’t you, because it was you lot that

told me, “my son did not deserve life and was a drain on


Where is your proof “We” made that statement?

An admission that they not only ran the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog collectively, (contrary to what Nigel Roberts publically stated) but that they are collectively running their latest edification which almost solely attacks me and my family.

Sad middle aged men/women who derive pleasure from anonymously trolling innocent people.

They accuse me of trolling, you can only troll if your anonymous something i’m clearly not.

Trolls harass and defame people anonymously, i neither harass nor defame, I just publish the facts about these silly little bullies.

Trolls act anonymously because they are cowards, they invariably are jealous of those they are trolling, in my case they are just bitter, bitter that I will not let them get away with their vile behaviour.

As for jealousy, I have no wealth, I rent my home, so materialistically they have nothing to be jealous about, so I can only assume they are not content with their own private lives, which I am, and they resent the fact that they have no children, the one amongst them that does have two children is embarrassed by their abnormal behaviour, and that does not bode well for a person in his position.

So the saga continues, their latest three posts attack me and mine again. Sad.

I believe they are quite probably a bunch of warped paedophiles who have enjoyed the protection of like minded people within the ranks of North Wales Police and their Freemason collegues, otherwise why would they steal children’s pictures, stalk young children and slag them of on the internet.

An outside Police force is needed to investigate the goings on here in North Wales.