He’s made my life a misery

“He’s made my life a misery”

This is a reference to Mr Michael Naughton, the private investigator who first discovered the identities of those behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, which Jones was one.

Just this last week Jones has been whinging His colleagues again, complaining that his colleague has been approached by a client of Mr Naughton’s for help, help that this client believes Jones is incapable of giving because of his involvement in the protection of the guilty party.

Where have we heard that before?

Oh I remember, out of the mouth of that lying contemptible Tory MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, when he accused me of making his life hell, after myself and others exposed him as the author behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

MP David Jones Is an Onanist Bloody wierd Internet troll A liar of menses proportions Nasty deceitful retch.

MP David Jones
Is an Onanist
Bloody weird
Internet troll
Found of hitting women
Nasty deceitful retch.

Here is a person of no conscience, he spends seven years tormenting, harassing and defaming countless people over the internet, using anonymity as his protection, but when the heat is on and his determined victims are about to expose him, Jones turns to his Freemason palls within the ranks of North Wales Police.

Just like he did that time when the highly respected private investigator of ‘Lewis Legal’, Mr Michael Naughton,caught up with him and his co-authors to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

The irony is Mr Naughton never paid a direct visit to Jones himself but only to his offices in Llandudno to interview his business partner Dylan Moore, who like Jones enjoyed creating havoc via anonymity over the internet.

Moore refused to speak with Mr Naughton and on his arrival, instead he scurried off to an upstairs office to avoid him, leaving his secretary to do deal with matters!

Mr Naughton politely left Jones’ offices and went on to pay a visit to Llandudno’s well known internet troll and police informant ‘Nigel Roberts’, when Mr Naughton arrived at Roberts home address, Roberts hid behind his wife, leaving her to deal with matters.


Twenty minutes after Mr Naughton left the home address of Roberts, he received a phone call from Cheif Superintendent Simon Humphreys, a close friend and fellow Freemason of David Jones MP. Humphreys warned Naughton off telling him to leave Roberts Moore and Jones alone.

After Mr Naughton visited both Moore and Roberts, they contacted Jones for help and in turn Jones spoke with Humphreys, then straight away Jones and his fellow trolls began to attack Mr Naughton and his credibility, using their anonymous pseudonyms and their assortment of social media accounts.

This behaviour continued until August of last year. Why it stopped then we are not sure.

David Jones and Nigel Roberts had opened a twitter account called @GutoPlebb, this account was used for the sole purpose of attacking the an MP

Jones has a distinct hatred of this MP, he has publically shown his disdain toward Bebb, the reasons for which I’m unaware.

If you take care to listen to Jones and his whining during this covertly recorded interview you can clearly pic up his dislike of said MP, just by the tone of his voice but whats equally as interesting is the way he tries to get me to implicate This MP in the publication of information about Jones and his involvement with ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Jones also refers to members of http://victimsofoscar.com/ in the exact same way as he does over his twitter account @GutoPlebb which he shared with Nigel Roberts.

David Jones MP and his anonymous twitter account, used to troll Guto Bebb.

David Jones MP and his anonymous twitter account, used to troll Guto Bebb.

David Jones Mp and his anonymous Twitter account used to troll Guto Bebb.

David Jones Mp and his anonymous Twitter account used to troll Guto Bebb.

Naturally all Tweets made via this account have been screen shot and in time will be used as evidence against Jones and his fellow trolls/Freemason/police officers.

David Jones is well known for trolling it was only earlier this year when he was caught trolling David Cameron, the then PM http://conwyllandudnoblog.co.uk/2016/03/18/david-jones-the-mp-for-clwyd-west-caught-trolling-again/

People like Jones are sick, they cannot help themselves and will continue harassing others for as long as they are allowed to get away with it, Jones, as has been said before continues to enjoy the protection of North Wales Police, who in turn refuse to act against him, I wonder where this corrupt police force will run when finally all this is exposed.

Never give up the fight against corrupt individuals like David Jones MP, Nigel & Wendy Roberts, Dylan Moore, Steve Davies, Ruby Williams, Chris Drew and North Wales Police officers. Just because some of these horrible people are in positions of relative power do not let them scare you, if you know you are right keep fighting, sooner or later something will give.

I will fight this horrible bunch to my death, because I know I am right and these people are conscienceless sick individuals that have been allowed to destroy peoples life’s, businesses and family’s, some of them including Jones are responsible for horrendous cover ups and miscarriages of justice and to date have contributed at least one death, that of Mr Johnathan Williams, who took his own life after being threatened not to expose the people he believed to be behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

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  1. With all this hassle going on, involving members of the Judiciary, the Police, Members of Parliament, AM’s, and others, the question needs to be asked. Has Guto Bebb MP, who has been named plenty of times no interest in what is going on? Is he without influence as far as the Law, the Police and rival MP’s are concerned? Has he rolled over on his back and given in to the likes of Jones? Surely Bebb has had sufficient complaints from his constituants to take some more positive action than just a short speach to The House?
    Get off your arse Mr Bebb, and let’s see some positive action on behalf of those who voted you into Parliament as their “representative”, or are you also frightened of David Jones et al, and the Big Bad Wolf?

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