An arrest is immanent.

David Jones MP has been constantly moaning to his mates in North Wales Police about this blog and the articles I publish about him and his co-authors to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and his other associated troll blogs, Twitter accounts etc. All of which is fact.

I have just had an interesting conversation with someone in the know and have been informed that I am due to be arrested again soon.

Just in case that is so, I have informed my solicitor and have published this short post to inform my readers, some of who will be delighted.

Nigel & Wendy looked very cross outside ‘Cafe Nero’ this morning, not at all pleased to see me and my children, so in typical troll fashion they starred aggressively at them. Sad.

2 thoughts on “An arrest is immanent.”

  1. Interesting comment and even more interesting information. I believe that if such information has been given without authorisation to a member of the public, the Police will be in breach of their Charter and PACE. Naturally, one hopes the information is incorrect, but should It be correct, it seems you may have yet another case against North Wales Police. David Jones will also have a lot to answer for, maybe a few of his little secrets and skeletons in the cupboard will get some airing.

  2. Wendy and Nigel very jealous of others who have children. Perhaps he had no lead in his pencil, although he has been reported as being very active using his window sill at The Oval for support during his energetic performances! One presumes, of course, that Wendy was the cooperative, and equally energetic partner.

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