The police policing the police.

The police policing the police.

It’s a bloody joke, after the arrests of my wife and myself on 05-10-2015 and the subsequent raid on our home which resulted in the seizure of our goods including our children’s toy’s, i decided enough was enough.

I had by this time endured fabricated accusations against me by Jones and his fellow trolls, which resulted in two earlier arrests, arrests that amounted to nothing.

Since I had conclusively revealed that the MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, was indeed the main author behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. Jones promised to cause as much harm to my family and myself as possible, he made this promise to his counter part, Guto Bebb MP for Aberconwy, this is something Bebb will not confirm to the authorities but did confirm to me via his office manager Barbara Baldon.

At that time we, that is to say the victims of Oscar, were very useful to Bebbs office, as many of my readers will be aware, Guto Bebb had himself been attacked by Jones and his blog and as a consequence Bebb revealed that troll blog and its authors during his Commons Speech on 09-09-2014.

After his Commons speech the group provided information that supported Bebbs  case against these horrible people and enjoyed the support of his office.

At least a week before the arrests of my wife and myself as mentioned above, David Jones MP contacted Guto Bebbs office and informed his office that our arrests were to take place and our home would be searched, Guto Bebbs staff did not reveal that information to either my wife or I and to some extent it is quite understandable why they chose not to.

David Jones is a snake, he will go to any lengths to damage people who stand up to him, by revealing that information to Bebbs office he put them in a difficult position, to reveal our planned arrests to us would have undoubtedly caused a significant amount of damage to Bebb and his office.

That leaves me asking the question, why was Jones privy to that information at all, this is a retched person who North Wales Police have denied having any connection with other than on a professional level, but then we know North Wales Police are liars, as will be revealed in the report I will be publishing in dissected sections over the following weeks.

Before anyone tries to distant themselves from what I have published here today, just remember I record all my conversations, those recordings are my defence.

So I officially complained, this is one email I sent to inspector Emma Naughton:

Email number 1

Hello Inspector Naughton,

As you are probably aware last Wednesday both my wife and I were arrested.
In interview I discovered it is for a comment I published on my blog sent in by someone using the name blue touch paper. You, the police called this violent harassment!!!!!!

The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.

Along side our completely disproportionate arrest our home was raided, in front of our children, along with my laptop, iPhone and iPad the three children’s laptops, iPhone and iPad’s were taken, even our disabled sons iPad and xbox.

They also took an old VHS camcorder which has no memory facility, two cameras, four memory sticks, three old phones, four old memory cards, personal paper work, the WiFi hub, our passports and of course my wife’s laptop iPhone etc.

There is no justification for this type of action against my family and I, it is completely disproportionate.

When my wife was arrested she was not read her rights or informed of why she was arrested.

We were incarcerated for 15 hours.

I would like to know who authorized our arrest and the raiding of our home, I would respectfully request a full copy of statements made by David Jones, Nigel and Wendy Roberts, Dylan Moore, Mark Bonsall and Ruby Williams.

I would like to know why our passports were taken, why my children’s laptops which are used for their studies were taken, why my sons Xbox was taken, why electrical items with no storage facilities were taken and most importantly why one little comment published

The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.

by me but not written by me justified this action, when last February during a recorded meeting with DS Hanson, Hanson told me the mountain or evidence presented to him by the victims of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, was not enough to even interview Nigel Roberts let alone raid his premises or home for the purpose of gaining more evidence. He publish comments like

Windmill needs a cap up his arse’

this is a clear threat that was presented to Hanson along with many more similar comments, yet Hanson deemed there was no reason to arrest or interview Nigel Roberts.

There is quite clearly something completely not right here, North Wales Police are clearly hiding something and are clearly protecting Nigel Roberts, his Wife, David Jones etc.

You do not need to be a genius to see this.

Nigel Roberts is also running a new blog which again is terrorizing all the victims of Oscar, it is operating in the same way CSI Llandudno did, Roberts has tried to deflect attention away from him by blaming me for this blog, something you will discover to be completely untrue when you strip down our hard drives, this blog is called ……………………

I told you before as long as those with the power to let Roberts get away with his vile trolling, he will never stop, what do you? our so called protectors, you need to act against these horrible people? something terrible will happen to one or more of us, their victims unless you put a stop to them and when it does North Wales Police will be held to account.

Everything we have campaigned for has been documented and stored away from this property and is also in the hands of our legal team, who thanks to the latest actions of North Wales Police have been able to get legal aid granted for both myself and my wife.

I am appalled at the level of unprofessional behavior demonstrated by North Wales Police and the clear level of corruption through your ranks, do those responsible for the way my family are being treated think this will make me cease in my efforts to expose the obvious corruption within North Wales Police, the obvious collusion between North Wales Police, David Jones, Nigel Roberts and the Troll blogs they operate, all you have done is to strengthen my resolve.

I would appreciate some answers but doubt I will get any.

Richie Windmill.

Email number 2

Conwy and Llandudno Local <>

to Emma
Hello Inspector Naughton

Yes I wish to discuss things pertaining to the horrendous crime my wife and I have been accused of, the same crime our home was raided for, a raid that was not carried out according to pace.

Why else would I wish to talk with you? certainly not about the continued internet harassment we are having to contend with, why would I bring that to your attention? I mean to say you did nothing near to the perpetrators of CSI Llandudno, that you have to my wife and I, this I find extremely disturbing, and please do not insult me by repeating what Bricknell said to us, when he concluded his investigation into the same.

“We need Google to assist us in tracing the IP addresses for those responsible and Google will not help”, this is bull as you know. You needed to raid the premises of Nigel Roberts seize his equipment, you know, like you have done mine and my family’s.

Please do not insult me further by saying you had no proof it was him, we provided clear evidence of his guilt.

I have asked relevant questions of PC Barlow, to which I cannot get answers, you are his superior so it would be safe to assume you could provide those answers, it is clear to me you do not wish to meet with me so I will ask the same questions via this email.

Do you think the way my wife and I have been treated was proportional?

Who authorised our arrests and the subsequent raid on our home?

At the very least why was my wife not asked to attend Llandudno Police station to be interviewed, this is a lady who has never put a foot wrong in her life, after all that is all you did with Roberts over the CSI blog.

Why did your officers not adhere to PACE? especially when it came to taking our children s belongings, if you care to check PACE you will see they had to provide a satisfactory explanation when seizing items belonging to children, they did not.

Why a week after our arrests were my wife’s and my mobile phone returned and not those belonging to our children, or the defunct ones, we were told during interview they would be prioritised, I find this somewhat suspicious.

Why are my children’s things still in your possession four weeks on? especially those belonging to my disabled son?

Where are our passports??????????

Why do you still have a 16 year old VHS camera with no hard drive or memory card facility?

Why are you still holding old and out of date phones and sim cards?

Why has my wife’s alibi’s for the things she was arrested, not be checked, four weeks in? we have even provided irrefutable evidence of her innocence.

Please don’t come back with the same old tosh, these things take time…….

It is my belief that we have been arrested and our homes searched simply because David Jones and your superiors have conspired to do so, in the hope of finding what?

My wife and I will be completely vindicated despite the best efforts of North Wales Police to ruin our lives, and for what, what are you hiding? why are you so protective of those people that spent seven years destroying the life’s of others.

I hate corrupt people and believe you me no matter what North Wales Police and David Jones conspire to do I will fight all this to my last breath.

R Windmill

Email number 3

Conwy And Llandudno Local <>

to paul.joyce
Dear sir

Having tried to get answers from both the investigating officer and his immediate superior regarding the seizing of goods from my home and the arrests of both my wife & I, and failed I have little choice but to seek recourse via yourself.

Please provide me with a day and time for me to attend your office for an appointment so I may discuss my concerns

Regards R Windmill

Sent from my iPhone

Reply number 1

Joyce, Paul S (T/Ch Insp 1500) <>

to me
Dear Mr Windmill,

Thank you for your email.

The property seized from you remains subject of constant review by the officers looking at the case. Any complaints regarding police conduct in relation to this matter should be directed to our Professional Standards Department.


Paul Joyce
Prif Arolygydd Dros Dro / Acting Chief Inspector

My reply


Conwy and Llandudno Local <>

to Paul
Constant review, why do you need to constantly review children’s belongings, items with no hard drive etc? your reply is pathetic but no more than I expected.

R Windmill

Complaint to professional standards

Conwy and Llandudno Local <>

to profstandardse.
1. Who authorised the arrest of my wife and I on the morning of 7th October 2015?

2. Who authorised the raid on our home?

3. Why did the officers who raided our home not adhere to PACE? most importantly when it came to the seizure of my children’s belongings which included an Xbox, a USB charger, three children’s I pads and two children’s laptops?

4. Why were personal mail seized, a VHS Camcorder, with no storage facility, cam corder tapes and our passports which as yet have not been returned.?

5. Who decided this comment was enough to have me arrested for a section 4 harassment offence: The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
Bangers and Smash.
6. Why was David Jones privy to information regarding the arrest of my wife and I, ten days before we were arrested?

7. Why was Nigel Roberts not even interviewed re-his admission to being the author of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar?

8. I should like to officially complain about superintendent John Hanson and his involvement in this debark-le.

9. I believe that the four arrests over a six month period, that I have had to endure amount to Police harassment, I have had to endure months on bail, harassment by the authors of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, I have never been charged or for that matter prosecuted, this had had a detrimental effect on my health for which I am receiving treatment.

All this is now in the hands of my solicitor Mr Jonathan Smallwood, of Broadie Jackson and Canter in Liverpool, 0151 227 1429. please correspond directly with him.

Regards Richie Windmill

Their reply

Prof Standards Enquiries <>

to me


Dear Mr Windmill,

I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail below. Contact will be made with you in due course.

Liz Dingley
Gweinyddwr y Swyddfa/Office Administrator
Adran Safonau Proffesiynol/Professional Standards Department
Ffon/Tel : 01492 805426
Est/Ext 05426

Cheif Inspector Paul Jones’ conclusion.

Please note the points that have not been answered and the points that have been incorrectly answered.

Complaints against North Wales Police

Complaints against North Wales Police

Complaints against North Wales Police

Complaints against North Wales Police


Complaints against North Wales police

Complaints against North Wales police

complaints against North Wales Police

complaints against North Wales Police

Tomorrow I will dissect their responses.

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  1. You literally are a shameful person who at the very least need a psychiatric report preparing on yourself.

  2. Which will probably indicate that all his complaints are totally justified. You may have read how the MP David Jones and others were frightened out of their lives by an innocent posting allegedly made by a reader of the Blog which resulted in the arrest of the whole Windmill family. The posting was a reference to the forthcoming Guy Fawkes evening but turned and interpreted by Jones and his crew as a threat to them and then to use it to damage others with a trumped up complaint to the Police. If the Police had tried even a little bit, they could have very easily discovered the actual author of the comment, but very conveniently, chose not to do so. In fact it is considered that Jones or one of his gang made the posting in a deliberate attempt to stir up trouble. They seem to forget the insults, lies, false statements and even stealing of identities they perpetrated on their various Blogs and Twitter accounts. If I said that Nemesis is waiting round the corner, you would consider it another threat on your lives, quick, off to the Police Station, where no doubt there is some brainless Officer who will turn it into an Offence.

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