Windmills account

Mr Windmills account.

This is the brief background recorded by NWP at the time of my complaints.

Complaints about North Wales Police

Complaints about North Wales Police

The second paragraph is incomplete, when my wife and I complained to North Wales Police on March 3rd 2013 about the vile posts and comments David Jones MP and Nigel Roberts had published on their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, we were interviewed by WPC 1555 Lisa Jones.

During that interview WPC 1555 stated she had neither heard of the blog in question or had any knowledge of its authors, she lied.

After the formation of victims of Oscar on the 10th September 2014, Ms Smith, another of the blogs victims, presented me with her recorded interview/statement from 2009, to North Wales Police.

Ms Smith had complained to North Wales Police about that blog, she was interviewed by WPC 1555 Lisa Jones, who also told Smith she had no knowledge of that blog or its authors.

Coming back to our complaint in 2013, I was unhappy with WPC 1555 response so I asked her to check with a senior officer with regards to that blog and North Wales Police knowledge of it, she did not appreciate my request but grudgingly went and spoke with Inspector Ian Verburg.

Inspector Ian Verburg Bent copper Lied about knowing the authors behind the troll blog'Thoughts of Oscar' Freemason

Inspector Ian Verburg
Bent copper
Lied about knowing the authors behind the troll blog’Thoughts of Oscar’

Verburg stated he had no knowledge of the blog or its authors, he lied.

In 2010 during a high profile crinimal trail in Mold, the judge ordered DC Don Kenyon of North Wales Police to speak with the authors behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, who had been publishing disgraceful lies about the defendants and the trial, lies which ultimately swayed the jury, Kenyon was ordered to tell the authors to remove all comments they had published about the defendants and the trial and not to publish anything further for the duration of the trial. 

DC Kenyon achieved this during a two hour recess, then swore on oath he had had the authors spoken too.

strangely during an investigation into complaints made to the IPCC about North Wales Police, their lies and involvement with that blog, Kenyon was interviewed about the above, Kenyon responded when asked “did you speak to the authors of that blog at the judges request and did you swear an oath confirming just that“, by saying,

“I cannot remember”

You will note that this is the same response from all Officers who were questioned about their knowledge of that blog and it’s authors, these officers all have a serious problems with memory loss.

mmmmm, do they think we are that bloody thick as not to notice a blatant cover up and more importantly blatant lies?

All this is documented so if any of the clever dicks who read this and are associated with those trolls and lying officers, before you try to diss my posts, please request all documentation in writing via this blog, I am more than happy to oblige.

But you will not will you because anything you do over the internet, unlike myself, you use anonymity, you are cowards.

So on with the chain of events.

Kenyon contacted his Inspector, Ian Verburg, who in turn contacted David Jones MP, asking him to fulfil the Judge’s orders, Jones then phoned Nigel Roberts the blogs publisher and Roberts adhered to the judge’s demands.

This is all fact and easily proved.

So what have we so far? two North Wales Police Officers who have clearly lied.

An inspector who lied on numerous occasions, to complainants of the blog between 2010 and 2014, people who had been so devastated by the torment they and they families had had to endure, at the hands of David Jones MP and Nigel Roberts, amongst others.

These people took their concerns to the police, the very people we pay for our protection, what do North Wales Police do to help? nothing, they lied to us and sent us on our way, why? to protect a crooked MP, a bent solicitor, (in the case of Dylan Moore) and an overweight Newsagent & his wife, surely not, there has to be something more.

Incidentally when WPC 1555 Lisa Jones was questioned about her knowledge of the blog by superintendent Sian Beck, who had been ordered to follow up the complaints made to the IPCC, of all the Victims of Oscar, she said,

“I could not remember interviewing Ms Smith”, therefore could not assist in Beck discovering, she, WPC 1555 was a liar. WPC !555 Jones explanation was accepted, despite documented evidence to the contrary and that was that.

I wonder if North Wales Police would accept her explanation if she were not a serving officer?

Paragraph 4

Cheif Inspector Paul Jones points out that it was Superintendent John Hanson who oversaw the ordered investigation into the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, after Guto Bebb delivered a commons speech confirming Roberts and Moore as authors and inferring the involvement of MP David Jones. Dc Chris Walsh was Hanson’s underling.

C I Jones states that the CPS decided there was not enough evidence for a prosecution. What actually happened was this, in the recorded words of the CPS’s senior solicitor, Karen Dixon, when I contacted her to find out what was happening with the case.

“North Wales Police had decided that no further action should be taken before we, the CPS, received the file, we gave the file a quick glance and agreed with their decision”.

I was gobsmacked by the flippancy of that statement and the complete lack of professionalism, after all is it not the job of the CPS to make such a very important decision completely independent of North Wales Police,  and only after a thorough look at the case, no matter what the police say?

Again we see just how easily North Wales Police manipulate situations to their own end.

Paragraph 5

C I Jones goes on to clarify my concerns that during Hanson’s investigation he met with all the suspects, not to interview them officially or otherwise but to help them with their concerns about me exposing them for their participation in the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, something which I find very concerning and completely inappropriate.

The following people were the suspects that should have been investigated by Hanson and Walsh, but never were, and all have been proved to have been responsible for the troll blog in question.

MP David Jones Is an Onanist Bloody wierd Internet troll A liar of menses proportions Nasty deceitful retch.

MP David Jones, main author.

Dylan Moore corrupt solicitor author of the troll blog 'Thoughts of Oscar'

Dylan Moore
corrupt solicitor
author of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’









Internet troll and police informant

Internet troll and police informant and publisher to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Ruby Williams  Liar Stalker Foul mouth Internet troll

Ruby Williams
Foul mouth
Internet troll, supplied posts to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

There were more people involved with that blog but these four were the main protagonists  and should have been investigated accordingly but never were, instead Hanson assured them that his investigation would be brushed under the carpet and North Wales Police will deal with Windmill, me.

Hence the reason for my very valid complaints.

Paragraph 6

C I Jones mentions my complaint about my arrest on 5th may 2015 after Nigel and Wendy Roberts complained I had been violently harassing them in the street on the 27-04-2015. A complete lie, as was clarified by the CCTV footage, more of that later.

I also go on the complain about the second arrest on the same day after David Jones had whinged about an absolutely correct and informative post I published about him on 02-05-2015.

Jones complained I could affect his chances of re-election and used a law most people including North Wales Police had never heard of.

How do I know North Wales Police had never heard of that law, the arresting officer PC 2999 Kelly-Smith said at the time of my arrest, “You are being arrested for something to do with the election”, the custody Sargent 1727 Nathan Jones said “I’m not sure what your being arrested for” he then googled the law which an officer mentioned to him, but only after googling it herself.

I was eventually informed that I had committed an electoral offence, this turned out to be a lie, a lie conceived by MP David Jones, who was the only person involved in this mess who had any knowledge of the 1983 representation of the peoples act, being a solicitor and a dodgy MP, well he would wouldn’t he?

Like I have said North Wales Police had no knowledge of that law until Jones brought it to their attention.

Later in this report by C I Jones, he goes to immense lengths to try and convince the reader that Jones has never had any influence over North Wales Police or their decision making, this is something I have already proved to be undeniably untrue Jones had and still holds an immense influence over high ranking officers at North Wales Police including the Cheif Constable Mark Polin and his assistant Gareth Pritchard, and something I will clarify in great detail as we make our way through this masterpiece of bullshit presented to me in response to my complaints.

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