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First paragraph, C I Jones points out that I was interviewed by PC 1854 Gary James, which is correct, C I Jones says I was unhappy about mistakes James made with regard to the interview and what James records in his statement.

I was unhappy that James lied in his statement about what I was supposed to have admitted during the interview, C I Jones does not record my complaint correctly, but then that,s no more than I would expect.

More on PC 1854 and his lies later.

By the by if your ever arrested for something you did not do I hope you get James as your interviewing officer, the man is a liability and couldn’t conduct a successful interview if he tried.

Paragraph two.

C I Jones says that I believe David Jones MP is a Freemason, ‘he is by his own admission’, and I believe Jones has influence over North Wales Police, I actually stated correctly that Jones has influence over some senior officers who are also Freemasons.

C I Jones then clarifies his follow ups.

Allegations against officers.

Allegations against North Wales Police officers

Allegations against North Wales Police officers

Paragraph two, C I Jones refers to my complaint that when arrested PC Kelly-Smith arrested me for the electoral offence, he had not a clue of the law under which I was being arrested.

C I Jones confirms that Kelly-Smith was wearing a body cam and that that body cam recorded what Smith said during mt arrest.

“harassment against Nigel Roberts OK and also on suspicion of making false statements as to candidates contrary to the representation of the people act 1983, that’s in relation to David Jones Ok”

Today I have submitted an FOI request for that body cam footage, because C I Jones has deliberately lied.

PC Kelly-Smith actually said something more along these lines:

“I am arresting you for violent harassment against Nigel and Wendy Roberts in the street, I am also arresting you for something to do with the election involving David Jones MP”.

That is more or less how my arrests went and unless they have doctored the body cam footage, I will prove these officers to be liars.

Conwy and Llandudno Local <>
8:35 AM (0 minutes ago)

to FreedomofInfor.
Dear Sir/madam

I would like to request a copy of the body cam footage taken on a body cam worn by PC 2999 Kelly-Smith at the time of my arrests for violent harassment and an electoral offence on the morning of 05-05-2015.

regards Mr R Windmill.

Paragraphs 3 and 4

C I Jones states that Kelly-Smith quoted from his pocket notebook when explaining my arrest for the alleged electoral offence.

kelly-Smith did no such thing, he stuttered in his attempt to arrest me then grabbed hold of me, the body cam footage will also prove this.

Bloody police officers lie lie lie.

Paragraph 5

Good old David Jones MP, raises his ugly head, don’t forget this is an MP that holds no sway with North Wales Police, in the words of C I Jones. I will demonstrate without doubt that David Jones holds a tremendous amount of sway over officers of North Wales Police.

C I Jones says “Prior to the arrest of Mr Windmill David Jones had given a statement specifying what he was complaining about, at the end of the statement it said about Mr Windmill, “I am concerned that he has committed an electoral offence and given at the time of writing this statement the election is only four days away I am particularly concerned to ensure the blog post is removed”.

I never removed the post.

This is the post which Jones accused me of effecting his chances of re-election:

Corrupt MP Or Not

It is at this point it is relevant to mention that two months prior to my arrests I had a meeting with John Hanson and his lackey Chris Walsh, Hanson by the way is like Jones a Freemason.

During that meeting Hanson threatened to arrest me for distributing news leaflets that accurately informed the public about the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and particularly the involvement of David Jones MP in that blogs authorship.

Hanson said “I could arrest you”

I said “What for”

Hanson said “For distributing leaflets about David Jones and the Oscar blog”.

I said “Those newsletters are factual and as a result of Jones threatening the local media with ‘Carter Ruck’, I wrote, published and distributed those leaflets as it is clearly in the public interest, Jones is a politician who has used anonymity  to attack innocent people, surely the public have a right to know about his behaviour”?

Hanson said “Its harassment you know and we have seen you on CCTV”

I said “I have done nothing illegal”, “next you will have to arrest the people behind the tabliods, they publish lies I do not”.

Hanson then said “David Jones is an important man, you must leave him alone”.

I said “no, he is a liar”.

Would you believe Hanson is now in charge of North Wales Police’s professional standards department and Verburg is his second in command.

Enough said.

Paragraph 6

Kelly-Smith tells of his grounds for my arrests, he states that PS 1311 McMahon stated the arrest was necessary as he Kelly-Smith wanted to utilise the power of search under section 32 of pace for evidence.

This is actually what happened, Kelly-Smith and his female colleague arrested me, he then grabbed me and started a body search, he seemed rather enthusiastic and grabbed my genitals twice, must of thought I had a powerful weapon down there,

Before leaving I requested that I change as all I had on was a pair of joggers and a t-shirt, my request was granted but Kelly-Smith insisted on accompanying me and watching me change clothes, there were beads of perspiration forming on his forehead, stress or excitement.

He spotted the VOO phone (victimsofoscar) and stumbled in his excitement to get it, the idiot did not see the iPhone six (my personal phone) laying next to it, bloody observant that one. He seized the VOO phone.

Now to reflect

On 09-09-2014 Nigel Roberts held his hands up to being the sole author of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, a blog brought to its knees when it was revealed in a House of Commons Speech made by Guto Bebb on the same day.

 Prior to these events/admissions, the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, spent seven years harassing, terrorising and tormenting many individuals, families and businesses, over that period many people complained to North Wales Police who in turn rebuffed their complaints stating that they had no knowledge of the blog or who was writing it and if they did have knowledge of the blog they could still do nothing as it was being written anonymously.

In early 2014 in an email from PC Cawood of North Wales Police, sent to one of the blog victims, PC Cawood explains to the victim ‘we have tried and failed in the past to prosecute users of this site’ (users meaning authors/contributors to the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar) ‘but it has been impossible to PROVE the identity of those responsible as the blog is published anonymously’.

Copies of this email are available on request.

So if we are to have had any faith in North Wales Police, why did they not arrest Nigel Roberts when he admitted publishing that blog, at the very least PC Cawood has implied North Wales Police would have sort to prosecute the authors if they had known their identities, well in the case of Nigel Roberts on 09-09-2014 he gave them an arrest and prosecution on a plate.

What did North Wales Police do? sod bloody all, it is clear they have protected and still continue to protect the authors behind that blog.

Yet when it comes to 1, Roberts complaining about me, an arrest is authorised an arrest that later proved Roberts and his wife lied, were they punished for committing perjury? no.

2, David Jones complains about factual information I had published about him and my arrest was immediately brought forward one day to accommodate Jones, lies.

You will see as I work my way through this report that my arrest for allegedly harassing the Roberts’ was planned for the 6th of May, but once Jones added his fabricated rubbish my arrest was brought forward because in the words of C I Jones “high ranking officers including the Cheif Constable were concerned about the high profile nature of these horrendous crimes I had been accused of”.

Perhaps I should be flattered that C C Mark Polin himself had taken such a concerned interest.

But alas no I’m not, all this does is clarify my concerns as to the level of influence David Jones Mp for Clwyd West has over North Wales Police, more particularly his fellow Freemasons C C Mark Polin and assistant C C Gareth Prtchard.

Let assume I had been guilty of harassing the Roberts’ and publishing untrue comments about an MP, why would the C C of North Wales Police take such a keen interest? he would not.

More to follow.

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