A legations against Police Officers continued

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Allegations against North Wales Police Officers

Allegations against North Wales Police Officers 


C I Jones points out that the custody Sargent informed me why I had been arrested, he informed me correctly that I had been arrested for allegedly violently harassing Nigel and Wendy Roberts in the street, but the custody Sargent has no clue as to my second arrest for the alleged  electoral offence, he intimates that I had told lies over the internet about David Jones MP, (I had not), he had no knowledge of the law under which I had been arrested, not really his fault because none of the other officers had a clue either, in fact the only person who was conversant with the law in question was David Jones himself.

Yet more proof of Jones’ influence with regards to my arrests.

Just a reminder to the reader, Jones had told Guto Bebb he intended to cause as much harm to my family and I as possible, this statement was made by Jones because I had revealed his authorship of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, by covertly recording conversations with him and Dylan Moore, then published the recordings on the internet, something that sent Jones into a fit of rage, a rage that resulted in him making threatening calls about my wife and I, to Guto Bebbs office and like a typical coward he is alleged to have gone on to walloped his wife, who shortly after was seen property hunting in Rhos-On-Sea, after I am reliably told she threatened to leave him, but like all cowards Jones assured her it wouldn’t happen again.

Could you imagine the effect on Jones if that got into the press?

Paragraph 4

Sargent Jones states the arrests were pre-planned therefore the Officers were well prepared.

As the reader will see shortly the first arrest was pre-planned for the 06-05-2015, but after a late intervention by David Jones MP to the deputy Cheif constable Gareth Pritchard and Superintendent John Hanson and with the consent of the Cheif Constable for North Wales Police, Mark Polin, the first arrest and the newly fabricated allegation by Jones accusing me of an electoral offence was brought forward a day.

The officers were totally unprepared, that was all to clear by their responses to my arrests.

Why would they do that? This report goes on to state that Jones was concerned I had committed an offence that could effect his chances of re-election in the forth coming general election, as the election was only four days away Jones wanted me silenced and locked up, North Wales Police tried to oblige him.

They mistook me for a fool.

1, Did they hope that I was that weak that I would roll over and admit that the absurd allegations made against me were true? Not a hope, i’m a born fighter and the truth will always out, sometimes it takes a while.

2, Did they think that by having me interviewed by the wanna be Rumpole of the Bailey PC 1854 Gary James, an officer chosen for his ‘experience’, was going to scare me into submission? not a hope James is a bloody idiot with all the interviewing skills of a NAT.

I find it amusing that Sargent Jones ‘could not find the offence wording on the record management system’, it was not there because its so obscure, as I have said David Jones MP was the only person involve d in all this that had knowledge of this law section 106 of, http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1983/2

False statements as to candidates[edit]

Section 106 makes it illegal for any person to publish any false statement of fact in relation to the candidate’s personal character or conduct, unless he or she can show that he had reasonable grounds for believing that statement to be true.[4] Similar provisions in previous laws have made this illegal since 1895.[5] It is also illegal to publish a false statement of a candidate’s withdrawal from an election.

In September 2007 Miranda Grell was found guilty under this section when she made allegations of paedophilia and having sex with teenage boys against her gay opponent during the United Kingdom local elections, 2006.[6]

In November 2010, Labour MP Phil Woolas was found by an electoral court to have breached section 106. The judges ruled that a by-election for the seat should be held. Woolas said that he would apply for a judicial review into the ruling.[7] In a statement released through his lawyer, Woolas stated that “this election petition raised fundamental issues about the freedom to question and criticise politicians” and that it “will inevitably chill political speech”.[8] The judicial review failed to overturn the ruling of the election court.[9]

In June 2015 the independent candidate in Mid Bedfordshire, Tim Ireland, lodged an appeal against the result at the general election, accusing Nadine Dorries of breaches of section 106 by making false statements about his character.[10][11] The petition was rejected by the High Court of Justice because it was served at Dorries’ constituency office and not her home address.[12]

If we take a look at the only prosecutions brought under this act you can easily see my arrest at the very least was over proportionate, another example of David Jones influence with high ranking Freemason affiliated Police Officers in North Wales Police.

Look at the wording of paragraph one.

Section 106 makes it illegal for any person to publish any false statement of fact in relation to the candidate’s personal character or conduct, unless he or she can show that he had reasonable grounds for believing that statement to be true.

This is the post I published which Jones feared would affect his chances of re-election:


Now to break it down into sections.

1, As David Jones MP for Clwyd West fights to retain his seat the stories of his involvement with the troll blog  ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, will not go away. That disgusting blog and its authors/contributors, which we know that not so honourable MP was one of, is responsible for so much upset and discord over a seven year period. This first paragraph is completely correct and had been publically proven prior to publishing. Nothing untrue was published.
Last September Guto Bebb, David Jones’s conservative colleague, implied in a speech he made in The House Of Commons regarding the Thoughts Of Oscar Troll Blog, that David Jones was indeed one of the blogs authors. Shortly after Bebbs speech and before publication, Jones involvement with that blog was proved beyond all doubt, so nothing untrue is stated here.
Mr Jones vehemently denied this, indeed he phoned me out of the blue and spent 40 minutes trying to convince me of his non involvement in the blog. All true and cannot be denied.
As a result of that phone call he then invited my wife and I to a meeting at his constituency office during which he spent 57 minutes denying ever having anything to do with the blog in anyway at all. A meeting which I covertly recorded and have since published on the internet.
Yet in a later meeting with his long term business partner Mr Dylan Moore, Mr Moore repeatedly stated that David Jones had been a regular contributor/author to the Thoughts Of Oscar Troll blog. Another covertly recorded meeting during which Moore confirms Jones involvement with that troll blog and also that Nigel Roberts it publisher supplied information to the police, not my words, Moores words and again published on the internet.
This has all been publicly aired before, but refuses to go away.
I believe Mr Jones will before long find himself in a bit of a mess, after all for every lie he tells he needs to tell at least two more to cover the original up. Nothing wrong here.
Now we are all aware that politicians are not the most honest people at the best of times but Mr Jones takes dishonesty to a new level. A statement confirmed by Jones own words/lies, lies which he continues to spout to this day, I have only ever met two people in my life who lie to such an extent that the truth would only cause to offend them, David Jones MP/internet troll and Nigel Roberts internet troll. Nothing so far breaks the stated law.
Although I like many others want to see Gareth Thomas succeed in beating David Jones in the forth coming election for Clwyd West, I hope that David Jones does retains his seat, why you may ask? Now this is intersting ‘I hope that David Jones does retains his seat’. No law broken here.
Mr Jones is an embarrassment to the Conservative Party, even his chief whip, Michael Gove has had to take him to task about his dishonesty, David Cameron sacked him from his cabinet position as Secretary Of State for Wales, he fiddled his expenses to the tune of £81,000, he used his position to get his friends privileged audiences with high ranking police officers, as a member of the Masons he has help influence certain legal cases. All true. Jones did embarrass Cameron’s government 1, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2279252/Tory-MP-David-Jones-deluded-saying-gay-couple-raise-children-says-Angela-Eagle-MP.html 
As you can see, no law broken here.
This man is the most corrupt and dishonest person I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to and if he retains the Clwyd West seat he will undoubtedly bring more shame and scandal down upon the Conservative Party, which from the point of view of many can and will be a good thing.
Again a statement of belief and fact, why do you think after keeping me on bail for five months and taking advice from the only two experienced  solicitors who specialise in the above law, in the UK at the costs of thousands to the tax payer, did the CPS ‘supposedly’, state NFA? I will explain the ‘supposedly’ later.
I am sure the reader will agree no law was broken and at the request of David Jones MP I was falsly arrest by North Wales Police, a police force to quick to adhere to Jones’ wishes, before doing any relevant investigating into his allegations against me, this is blatantly a complete abuse of power and a case of guilty before proven innocent.
C I Jones concludes that the arresting officers adhered to PACE, they clearly did not, then he goes on to state his officers were adequately informed about my second arrest and arrested me according to PACE, they were not and they did not.
Allegation one was not upheld. there’s a bloody shock.