Allegation two

Allegation 2

I had complained that my arrests were unlawful, why?

1, I compared the way I had been treated to the way Roberts and his fellow trolls were treated!

1a, Roberts along with David Jones MP violently harassed many individuals, families and businesses, we all know this as its been stated many times before, but the point is they did, yet North Wales Police did nothing, that’s despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, evidence that is so damning, yet North Wales Police did nothing.

1b, Superintendent John Hanson defends Nigel Roberts and David Jones actions when challenged during a covertly recorded meeting.

Me: “Nigel Roberts and David Jones published this comment on their blog”, ‘Parents of disabled children are selfish for bringing them into this world, disabled children are a drain on society’. “That comment constitutes a hate crime against the disabled and under law is classed as such, I have a disabled child and this comment offended me like nothing I had read before”.

Hanson: “That comment may be offensive to you but not to others, so there is nothing North Wales Police can do”.

I was appalled that anyone could respond in such a manner let alone a man in his position.,

ME: “Nigel Roberts and David Jones MP published this comment on their blog”, ‘Windmill needs a cap up his arse’.

E-Thug is one of Roberts and Jones many pseudonyms, which to this day they have used and still use on their many troll blogs and associated social media accounts as I will prove.

Nigel Roberts replying to his own post as E-Thug

Nigel Roberts replying to his own post as E-Thug

To break this post down:

1, You will note they use my original Twitter account name that was associated with my blog ‘Orme Views’, a blog account stolen by  Jones & Roberts as below.

David Jones MP & Nigel Roberts after they stole my blog

David Jones MP & Nigel Roberts after they stole my blog

2, Thinks Oscar is Nigel Roberts (Yawn Yawn), I knew Oscar was Nigel Roberts, David Jones MP, Dylan Moore Solicitor and Ruby Williams, amongst others, consequently I was proved right.

3, ‘Needs a cap up his arse if you ask me’. A clear threat made against my person by one of the above or all collectively, but most likely Roberts as he was the publisher of the blog as he clearly declared on 09-09-2014, so therefor he is responsible.

How do I know that Roberts or one of the others is responsible for the comment he published by E-Thug? Roberts gives the game away as is seen in point 4.

4, ‘I had to slightly edit the above comment’ ‘Oscar’.

So Roberts as the publisher of the blog declares he had to edit the comment sent into the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog’, by someone purporting to be an individual using the pseudonym E-Thug.


This is undeniable proof Roberts or one of the other mentioned people wrote and published that comment, now we have the task of proving that the same people are behind all the other pseudonyms they used to respond to their own posts in order to violently harass other people over the internet.

Below is a screen shot taken from their latest troll blog which concentrates on me and my family and has the support of North Wales Police who refuse to act.

The screen shot below see’s Nigel Roberts attacking Craig Ollerton, using his pseudonym E-Thug. On his blog CSI LLandudno, a blog we forced North Wales Police to investigate but they said ‘there was nothing they could do as they could not prove who was behind the blog’, Well Mr North Wales Police now you do.

Nigel Roberts as E-Thug on his troll blog CSI Llandudno

Nigel Roberts as E-Thug on his troll blog CSI Llandudno

1c, Roberts admits authoring and publishing the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ North Wales Police’s deputy Cheif Constable, Gareth Pritchard is ordered to order an investigation into the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ after Guto Bebb exposed the blog in his Commons speech.

That blog should have been investigated when Billy King (a local man openly gay) reported the nasty homophobic comments that had been published about him in 2008 to Inspector Ian Verburg, Verburg responded by telling Mr King he would arrest him if he wasted any more police time.

Both Pritchard and Verburg are Freemasons as is David Jones MP and Nigel Roberts, all have socialised together at masonic gatherings and all have conspired to hide the identities of those connected with that blog.

None of these people have been arrested or interviewed, despite the evidence I have shown here and a mountain of evidence handed over to North Wales Police over the years.

On the other hand Nigel and Wendy Roberts accuse me of violently harassing them in the street whilst I was out walking with my son on 27-04-2015, an accusation that was completely untrue as the council CCTV evidence proved, the same CCTV evidence that was viewed by the police before my arrest on the 05-05-2015 an arrest that had been planned for the 06-05-2015, but only brought forward a day after David Jones MP telephoned Gareth Pritchard and reported me for committing an electoral offence, another lie easily proved.

North Wales police arrested me a short while after Jones’ call to them.

I was later unequivocally cleared of any wrong doing.

Now please tell me why I was arrested for the offences that I was accused of, then arrested and detained, yet David Jones, Nigel Roberts, Dylan Moore, Ruby Williams and others associated with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. were not arrested, interviewed or detained for the horrendous offences they committed over a seven year period, offences they are still freely committing to date.

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  1. The Law is an ass and has been proved to be so on many occasions. It seems, from what my father says, that people will be taking the law into there own hands. The only people we will be able to blame is the Police and the highly paid idiots who are responsible for its inefficient functioning. This total debarcle could have been sorted months ago if the Police had taken some positive action. Even the Local MP’s are prepared to let the discord continue and just sit on their fat arses making promises they do not, and cannot, keep. Bribe you with false promises for your vote and then do absolutely F**K ALL.

  2. Mr Windmill, I thought this Oscar saga had all blown over until I stumbled upon your blog. Your blog clearly shows it has not. I hope you find the solace you are looking for and see and see an end to these mindless few. Yours, Llandudno Mason.

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