Allegation Three

Allegation 3.

Allegation three

Allegation three

Paragraph 2.

The investigating officer has listened to a recording of the interview and viewed the CCTV footage.

But as I will prove the investigating officer either chose to ignore PC 1854 Gary James Lies, or is unfit to be an investigating officer, you decide.

Mistakes made during the interview.

  • C I Jones writes, ‘PC James stutters stumbles over dates but he does correct himself’. This is correct PC James stutters and stumbles rather a lot, throughout the interview.
  • C I Jones writes, ‘There is a disagreement as to whether PC James says him or them’, Yes there was a disagreement on this issue and James did say “him”, but this is not a point I complained about.
  • C I Jones writes, ‘During a discussion about why a horn was sounded’. Again C I Jones has missed the point, James tried to intimate that my beeping my horn to get Nigel Roberts attention was a form of harassment, it is not, I was simply trying to get Roberts attention as he entered his shop, no law against that, James also goes on to say, “as you walked passed Roberts shop you smiled back in the shops direction” The every so incredible James tries to intimate that whilst out walking on another occasion with two of my children my smiling in the direction of Roberts shop some how caused him alarm and distress! what he omits to say is I was walking with my children my son was behind me and he cracked a joke a looked round at him and laughed. Bloody crime of the century that. It seemed to me at this point in the interview that if the Roberts’ stated  I waved whilst walking through Llandudno that in North wales Police’s eyes and especially those of this incredibly good interviewing officer, would constitute a crime. This is yet another point I did not complain about, as it is farcical.
  • C I Jones writes, the vehicle registration is incorrect, another point that did not bother me, PC Gary James made so many mistakes during that interview it became a sport for me to point them out to him, its the lies he told in his statement about his interview with me I complained about, the lies C I Jones did not investigate. I’ll come to those lies shortly.
  • Another invalid point.

PC 1854 Gary James’ lies.

The following are the lies James tells in his official statement about his interview under caution with me, this statement was submitted to the court, I challenged his statement and his lies and the court ordered the CPS to compile a full and comprehensive transcript of that interview to confirm whether or not James had lied.

Due to the fact that hours before the hearing Nigel and Wendy Roberts were advised by the CPS that they should withdraw their complaints against me as they would lose, the case never saw the light of day.

Page 1.

PC 1854 Gary James deliberate lies about what I am supposed to have said during his mickey mouse interview on 05-05-2015

PC 1854 Gary James deliberate lies about what I am supposed to have said during his mickey mouse interview on 05-05-2015

This part of James statement is as about as honest as it gets, I could pick holes in a few things but its not worth the effort.

Page 2.

PC 1854 Gary James and his lies continued.

PC 1854 Gary James and his lies continued.

Here we have the complaints I made to C I Jones regarding Lies James told about me, C I Jones refused to address one of them, why? the whole point of making an official complaint to the police about the police is to have your complaints investigated correctly, clearly in the case of my complaint against PC 1854 James, this has not been the case.

The police investigating the police its a joke.

Page 3.

PC 1854 Gary James and his lies about me continued.

PC 1854 Gary James and his lies about me continued.

Both the above recorded comments by James are a complete falsehood, tomorrow I will publish the official recorded interview, which will completely exonerate me and clarify just how much James has lied to try and get a conviction against me.

How can police officers be allowed to get away with perverting the course of justice, which is quite clearly the case in this instant.

I will continue with allegation three after the publication of the recorded interview with PC 1854 Gary James.

I can only hope that someone in the media will at least give this a listen, police officers who lie deliberately in official police statements in an effort to obtain a conviction are an utter disgrace and should be sacked, as I have already stated it is called perverting the course of justice and had it been me lying I would have been charged accordingly.

Anybody requiring a copy of the recording please email this blog and I will provide you with a full copy.

It is worth mentioning at this point that like Nigel Roberts and David Jones MP, Gary James is a Freemason.

3 thoughts on “Allegation Three”

  1. Your a liar!
    I can add nothing more to that as that is all you really are.
    If this had ever got anywhere it would have proved without any doubt your a plain sick liar.
    I feel sorry for your kids , they’ve got no chance living like they do with you two.
    Very sad.

    1. Very rarely do I reply to ignorant comments, but in this instant I feel it is worthy, just.
      If I am a liar Nigel why was I completely exonerated? and why did you and your friends not defend yourselves in court?
      You really are a stupid fool.
      Please stop trying to offend my children, that’s the typical behaviour you exude.

  2. I have listened to every recording and watched every video that Mr W has posted and I am totally convinced that any test of his evidence in a court of law would prove conclusively in his favour. Accordingly I can only concur with his comments on this blog. If on the other hand, Nigel Roberts’ “evidence” were to suffer a similar test, he would be laughted out of court, probably receive a charge of perjury, and find himself dining at her Majesty’s penitentiary rather than the expensive restaurants he likes to frequent. People are getting fed up with Nigel’s silly boy antics and it is about time he started acting his age and grew up. Some of his associates, who have also received mentions in the blog, could also do with acting on the same advice.

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