Allegation Three Continued


C I Jones concludes in favour of PC 1854 Gary James, but he failed to address the complaints I actually made about James, instead he investigates the interview without addressing James’ statement to the court, a statement full of blatent lies, the very blatent lies I reported.

So to conclude correctly, C I Jones failed to address the points I complained about, therefor his investigation and conclusions are invalid, I would suggest he does his job properly.

But in typical fashion of the police investigating the police he will not.

C I Jones Summary

IMG_4175 (1)

If C I Jones had in fact investigated the points I actually complained about the above summary would show that PC 1854 Gary James deliberately lied in the hope of getting me convicted for something I was completely innocent of.

Second Part of allegation 3

Making out that Mr Windmill was the aggressor when in fact the exact opposite were true.

PC 1854 Gary James produces the long awaited CCTV recording of the incident, the CCTV evidence I requested at the start of his farcical interview.

James on five occasions tries to convince me I was the aggressor.

  • James says: ‘You followed the Roberts’ across the road’, No I waited for them to cross and the traffic to clear, as they head toward Mostyn street, my son and I cross with the intention of heading up Gloddeath street and going home. You will note on the CCTV recording Roberts stops halfway through crossing and swears at me, but the infamous PC James does not question Roberts clear action, once the Roberts’ are across Gloddeath and heading toward Mostyn street, my son an I cross Gloddeath to head home, the Roberts’ see us crossing and both turn round and head back toward my son and I.
  • James says: ‘You step toward Mr Roberts and put your face in his’, Should have gone to specs saver James old son, the CCTV evidence clearly shows Roberts approaches me and put his face in mine.
  • Jame repeats himself five times on this point, he does not believe his own eyes, perhaps the little blonde he left his wife for has blurred his vision, stupid boy.
  • The CCTV evidence.
  • C I Jones concludes the CCTV evidence proves nothing either way.
  • C I Jones states that this is the CCTV evidence I was presented with during interview, it was not, I was only shown the actual incident not what happens after my son and I leave the scene.

In his official police statement Nigel Roberts says:

Nigel Roberts official police statement

Nigel Roberts official police statement

Wendy became very emotional, bull, The Roberts spent an extra five minutes on the central reservation before returning to their shop, at one point the CCTV operator to who Wendy is speaking, zooms in on Wendy who is clearly not in the least bit upset.

At no time does Nigel comfort his distraught wife.

The whole of his statement is full of lies, why do you think they withdrew their complaints against me?

Something North Wales Police refuse to acknowledge.

2 thoughts on “Allegation Three Continued”

  1. I am reliably informed that N Roberts, ex Newsagent of this town, has been bleating on Twitter that he is getting a lot of “stick” from some other contributors who, no doubt correctly, refer to him as an Internet thug and nothing more than a useless human has been. Just about time that Nige got some of his own medicine, which everyone hopes tastes even worse that what he he dished out to others. Time to pay your dues Nigel, and I don’t mean just to the local Lodge! Wonder if your pals in David Jones MP and the rest will stand by you in your hour of need? I don’t think so, you will be hung out to dry on your own! Good riddance!

  2. One should add to this last comment that D Jones will not get away scot free for his part in that vile Blog. He will be the subject of “special” attention. Not just getting extra publicity on the Social Media but also unparalleled attention when the next election comes around. The public will be fully aquainted with every reason why he should not be elected. Unfortunately for him, there will be no opportunity to raise false charges against any innocent commentator. Goodbye Mr Jones! Nos da!

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