Complaints Continued

Account during Interview.

Account during interview.

Account during interview.

Paragraph one.

‘During the interview PC James does challenge Mr Windmill but gives Mr Windmill ample opportunity to give his view of the footage.

James allows me to speak but cuts across me and insists that I am the aggressor, that I approach Roberts and put my face in his, James repeats himself on this point five times, I eventually turn round and tell him, ‘you can keep asking the same question but my answer will not change, so stop wasting my time’.

Having seen the CCTV and read the statement (a reference to the statements made by Roberts and his wife), PC James needed to use the interview as a ‘search for the truth’.

PC James wanted me to admit to something I clearly did not do, the truth is in the CCTV footage,

  1. I do not approach Roberts, he approaches me.
  2. I do not step toward Roberts, he steps toward me.
  3. I do not turn round in the road and swear at Roberts, but he does me.
  4. I do not put my face in his, he does put his in mine.
  5. I am not aggressive to a child but he is to my son, the CCTV clearly shows Roberts look around me and have a go at my son.
  6. Throughout the encounter on the pavement, Roberts steps toward me, not as James says I do him.
  7. Throughout the encounter on the pavement, my stance is passive, I have my hands in my pockets, my shoulders are rolled forward, on the other hand Roberts is gesticulating, he leans toward me, he leans toward my son, he is swearing, I on the other had back away, take my son and leave.

All this begs the question why did James need to question my actions throughout the CCTV footage?

The CCTV footage is all the defence I needed, hence the reason for the Roberts withdrawing their complaints against me.

PC James thinks he is interviewing a scared individual who he believes will cave into to his idiotic line of questioning and say “yes it was me, the CCTV evidence clearly shows me approaching Roberts, clearly shows me being aggressive, etc etc etc”. 

North Wales Police new full well that if I stood up to the obvious truth this would never get to court, they were banking on me admitting to something I did not do, why?

Because Nigel and Wendy Roberts are Police informants who along with David Jones MP, allowed North Wales Police to use their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ as an intell tool.

There can be no clearer explanation.

Second Paragraph.

Self explanatory.

Third Paragraph.

Again self explanatory except where C I Jones says ‘PC James was investigating an on going course of harassment’.

  1. PC James was not the investigating officer, it was PC Bamber, James was drafted in at the last minute because David Jones MP had interfered, as will be demonstrated in this report.
  2. What on going harassment? oh yes James said I beeped my horn at Roberts on one occasion, he is quite right I did, just to get his attention so I could take his picture, this is what James calls harassment, James accuses me of distributing leaflets that informed the public that Nigel Roberts was the publisher of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, this is after Nigel himself admitted the same, the leaflets in question were factual and informed the public of how internet trolls behave. James accuses me of going in Roberts shop and harassing him, I did go into Roberts shop, to hand a pile of leaflets over to the young lady behind the counter, as a result an older woman came out of his shop swearing and cursing at me, I remained polite and went on my way.
  3. So lets put it in context, my wife and I reported Roberts for stalking my wife and children as they went to school, we reported him for stealing pictures of our children and publishing them on his blog, we reported him for harassing my employer in an attempt to get me sacked, we reported him for stealing the name of an elderly local man (another individual Roberts and David Jones attacked over their troll blog), Roberts and Jones used his name and and identity to open a twitter account that solely attacked me, all because I had exposed Nigel Roberts, David Jones MP and Dylan Moore for being responsible for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. Subsequently the Twitter account in question was removed by Twitter when they proved the account belonged to Roberts and not the gentleman who’s identity he had stolen. Nigel Roberts was reported for stalking the family of Llyr Gruffydd taking pictures of his young children and publishing them on his blog. Coincidentally Mr Gruffydd is a Welsh assembly member who David Jones dislikes immensely. All these reports against Nigel Roberts were deemed by North wales Police to be none harassing.

Paragraph four.

This is pure class, ‘the investigating officer asked PC James about the interview, PC James cannot remember making any important mistakes’ Does he remember lying about what I am supposed to have said in his officail statement about the interview? I am amazed at how many North Wales Police officers have serious memory loses when questioned about their actions by an investigating officer after complaints have been made against them.

James goes on to say ‘but feels that Mr Windmill did appear to be the aggressor on the CCTV. As I have already said PC James should have gone to spec savers, the bloody liar.

The information provided to CPS

PC James wrote a summary of the interview which was presented to the CPS

PC 1854 Gary James and his lies continued.

Above is what PC James submitted to the CPS, all lies and that has be proved, yet James is not investigated for these lies, Why? and North Wales Police wonder why we have no faith in them!

Conveniently James says the CCTV evidence corroborates the Roberts’ version of events, It clearly does not, in fact it proves my innocence, this has to beg the question, Do the CPS in North Wales take for gospel what a police officer submits to them without doing their own investigating, like viewing the CCTV evidence or listening to the interview before taking the statement submitted about that interview by the officer as the truth?

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  1. The Officers mentioned would probably be more successful as writers of fairy stories if what we have read above is anything to go by. Certainly does not give anyone any faith in the Police and the basic honesty of the individual officers.

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