Allegation Four.

Allegation four

Allegation four

Paragraph 1.

PC Bamber says ‘he had been dealing with Mr Windmill already’, He had not, I had no prior knowledge of Bamber before 07-05-2015.

PC Bamber said ‘He feels he had a strong working relationship with Mr Windmill’, What a load of tosh, as I have said above I had no prior knowledge of Bamber before the 07th, how does one have a working relationship with a member of North Wales Police that’s about to charge you? if you are neither a colleague or a grass (the later being the case with Nigel and Wendy Roberts)?

When you apply to North wales Police for a job is lying a necessary quality? I fear it is.

The following day PC Bamber contacted Mr Windmill to discuss a counter allegation that Mr Windmill wanted to make regarding the public order offence that he had been arrested for. Firstly I had never been arrested for a public order offence, I was arrested for alleged violent harassment against Nigel and Wendy Roberts, the internet trolls who published the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog, the CSI Llandudno troll blog, The Llandudno malice in wonderland troll blog, the Rhos on Sea Glory lost troll blog, a whole hoard of anonymous Twitter accounts and to top it all NORTH WALES POLICE INFORMANTS and then arrested for an alleged electoral offence against that every so honest, wife beating, lying corrupt, thieving, homophobic, Abelist Freemason MP for Clwyd West, DAVID JONES.

I did submit a counter allegation against the Roberts’, you may ask why?

The Roberts’ along with David Jones and others ran a seven year anonymous campaign of harassment etc against an enormous amount of individuals families and businesses, I have said all this before, but it is relevant.

The behaviour of these disgusting people was reported time and time again to North wales Police, who refused to lift a finger against them and continued to do so even after Roberts took the blame for the ‘Oscar’ troll blog on 09-09-2014:

My reason for the submission for that counter claim was understandable, first off it was the Roberts who harassed me as has been proved, second, I was gobsmacked at how quickly North wales Police acted to arrest me going on just the words of Nigel and Wendy Roberts, there was no physical evidence of a crime on my part, even the CCTV showed that it was in fact the Roberts’ who were the aggressors.

Yet despite a huge amount of damning evidence presented to North Wales Police after they were forced to investigate the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,  they, the police refused to even interview Roberts let alone arrest him.

So as you the reader can clearly see their is no comparison what so ever between the allegations made against me and the crimes committed by Nigel and Wendy Roberts who were ably assisted by the MP David Jones amongst others. I therefore felt impassioned to submit a counter claim, a claim which North Wales Police refused to act upon that’s despite the CCTV evidence clearly showing that my son and I were harassed in the street by Nigel and Wendy Roberts.

It seems as is the case of Nigel and Wendy Roberts and David Jones MP, some people are above the law.

Nigel and Wendy Roberts publishers of the troll blog 'Thoughts of Oscar' and North Wales Police informants.

Nigel and Wendy Roberts publishers of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and North Wales Police informants.

MP David Jones Is an Onanist Bloody wierd Internet troll A liar of menses proportions Nasty deceitful retch.

MP David Jones
Is an Onanist
Bloody wierd
Internet troll
A liar of menses proportions
Nasty deceitful retch.

Paragraph 2.

PC Bamber states, ‘I did challenge Mr Windmill as to the reason for him making the complaint, some thirteen days after the incident’ Bamber never actually said that, but anyway the above explanation more than justifies my reasoning.

Bamber than states he asked why I didn’t raise my concerns during my four hour interview on the night of 05-05-2015, Bamber is a bloody liar, he said no such thing, nor did he say, ‘ I further advised Mr Windmill that even despite my attending at his home address the previous day he had not raised the issue’.

Bamber telephoned me after I made my counter allegation and said ‘I believe you are making this allegation against Mr and Mrs Roberts because you have been charged with a public order offence’.

I was once again gobsmacked, what Bamber needs to remember I record all my Phone calls and will publish this call once the legal writs I have served against North Wales Police are satisfied.

I did indeed continue to say to Bamber that I was pleased I had been charged, this was hopefully going to give my solicitor the opportunity to cross examine Nigel and Wendy Roberts proving them to be the liars and police informants they are, BUT GUESS WHAT HOURS BEFORE THE HEARING THE ROBERTS’ WITHDREW THEIR ACCUSATIONS AGAINST ME.

I felt cheated out of my chance to show the world what a pair of low life these two really are.

Bamber goes on to say that ‘at no point throughout any of my communications with Mr Windmill do I consider i acted inappropriately’.  He is hardly likely to admit the truth is he? throughout this whole ‘Oscar’ affair ever police officer challenged has lied.

  1. PC 1555 Lisa Jones, ‘I don’t remember interviewing MS Smith in 2009 about her complaint against the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar‘.
  2. PC 1555 Lisa Jones in March 2013 says, ‘I have never heard of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.
  3. DC Don Kenyon says ‘I don’t remember taking the stand and swearing on oath that I had spoken to the authorship of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,  telling them to remove lies published on the blog about the defendants, as ordered by the judge during a crinimal trial in 2010, but I do remember getting a promotion on the back of the conviction’.
  4. Inspector Ian Verburg, says when questioned about his knowledge of that blog in after a complaint made about the same in 2013, ‘I don’t remember saying anything about that blog when PC 1555 Jones asked me’.
  5. Inspector Ian Verburg, says to all complainants about the blog in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013, I have no knowledge of the blog or its authors,.
  6. Inspector Ian Verburg spoke directly with David Jones MP in October 2010 asking him to tell Nigel Roberts to remove all the untrue comments he had published on that blog both before and during the crinimal trial of two high profile local people, as ordered by the presiding Judge. Verburg has deliberately lied to the victims of that blog and again to investigating officers when complaints were raised about his lies.

Surprise surprise allegation 4 not upheld.

More to come.

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  1. The plot thickens as does the soup of lies the Police use to try to mitigate their position. Is there no honesty left in the Force, must lies and more lies be the only way crime can be dealt with? What is the point of attempting to persecute and prosecute innocent people when there are more than enough real crimes being perpetrated that remain uninvestigated and un-punished? It is about time the Police investigated itself and returned to doing their job as was originally intended.

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