Crazy Golf

Nigel and Co are enjoying Crazy Golf!

The big hill has become a local slagging off area for our local nest of horrible trolls, they are busy trying to stir the ‘CUP’ and in typical fashion are trying to turn the heat up on a situation that has been handled very well by local residents.

They ‘TEE’ off in favour of the best results for slagging other folk no matter who they may be, friend or foe.

They ‘CHIP’ away at the most vulnerable points available to them, always hoping for a ‘HOLE IN ONE’.

Once they have got the reaction they desire they use a ‘WOOD’ for longevity.

The greater the distance the greater the ‘Scratch’.

If more stirring is required they beat it with an ‘IRON’.

So if your out and about on the big hill watch out for stray balls or the trolls better still.

Watch out Watch out Nigel Roberts and David Jones MP are about.

3 thoughts on “Crazy Golf”

  1. Dear Nigel lost HIS BALLS years ago! When he gave up being a SCHOOL PLAYGROUND BULLY he decended into the depths of becoming a POLICE INFORMANT where he could repeat GOSSIP from the SHOP and tell tales about those who were his customers. He still tries to HIDE HIMSELF away behind the anonymity of the INTERNET where he continues with his vile comments about local people. The latest to receive his attention being our Friend Mike, from the Great Orme Golf Course. It is apparent that Nigel, being the lilly livered and pathetic moron he is, gets satisfaction from attacking old and vulnerable people. He just better stop his shenanigans, or one day one of these old folk may just wrap a five iron round his bully neck.

  2. Three Towns Forum is now getting in on the act and has developed into a sick forum just like many others where idiots can slag off whoever they like under the cloak of anonymity. Comments from TTF, run, directed and administered by two total arse holes in the forms of Ian (music man extraordinaire) and David (shoot ’em up, best local happy snappy) Roberts. Both generally engaged in being ultra critical of others, when they are completely oblivious of their own shortcomings. Ian is a sruffy smelly drop out, full of his own self importance, a “know it all”, who actually knows f**k all. And David Roberts, would be “man about town”, coffee drinker despised in every cafe in town. Would be investment entrepreneur who only knows one stock, GVC Holdings, and makes money out of the gambling weakness of others. Needs to get a proper job instead of wandering around like an American tourist and regarding himself as a second David Bailey. These guys have no right or qualification to make criticism of others.

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