The prosecution of the section 5 public order.

Paragraph One.


Paragraph one, discloses that North Wales Police had planned to arrest me on the 06-05-2015, but Bamber says: ‘the arrest was brought forward as a result of escalating issues between the party’s’.

what escalating issues is Bamber referring to? since the alleged offence of violent harassment on the 27-04-2015, I had neither seen or had cause to speak with the Roberts’! unless Bamber is referring to the continued harassment my family and I were receiving over the internet from Nigel Roberts, David Jones etc, harassment we still receive to this day.

Bamber goes on to say: ‘and the addition of further offences disclosed by David Jones MP’.

So what Bamber is actually saying is, that once North Wales Police received the call from David Jones stating I had committed an electoral offence, they North Wales Police decided to bring my planned arrest forward by twenty four hours, gosh I must have done something really ghastly for North wales Police to be so concerned, they must have thought Jones and Roberts were in immediate danger.

Bullshit, North Wales Police bought my arrest forward because Jones had been bleating to Pritchard and Hanson about a factual post I had published about him on 02-05-2015, a post which he states is full of lies and could seriously affect his chances of re-election.

All factual all true and its content does not constitute a crime of any sort, Jones informed his Masonic chums, deputy chief constable Gareth Pritchard and D S John Hanson that they, the police could use section 6 of this law: to lawfully arrest me, In fact they could not, but did as he, Jones requested.

The stated law is hardly known and if you were ask any serving police officer, regardless of their rank if they were aware of such a law they would say no, to clarify, the arresting officer, PC Kelly Smith had no idea of the law I was being arrested under, he said ‘I’m arresting you for something to do with the election’.

Jones states I had broken section 6 of this law by publishing lies about him.

Well read my post above do your research and you tell me if there are any lies in what I have published, there are not, but even if there were, North Wales Police did not note this very important paragraph:

False statements as to candidates[edit]

Section 106 makes it illegal for any person to publish any false statement of fact in relation to the candidate’s personal character or conduct, unless he or she can show that he had reasonable grounds for believing that statement to be true.[4] Similar provisions in previous laws have made this illegal since 1895.[5] It is also illegal to publish a false statement of a candidate’s withdrawal from an election.

The bold text above is the important bit I would ask the reader to take into account that prior to the 02-05-2015 I had without any doubt proved David Jones MP to be a major author of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Because of this and as I have stated before Jones telephone Guto Bebbs office and said ”I intend o get windmill and his wife arrested, I intend to create as much disruption to his family as possible’.

This is undeniable and was recorded.

So I could in effect, ‘show that I had reasonable grounds for believing that statement to be true’.

In typical gun ho fashion North Wales Police choose to ignore the above and were all to hasty to accommodate the wishes of David Jones MP, the very MP that C I Jones goes on to say in this report that ‘Jones has no influence over North Wales Police’.


Paragraph 2.

Kelly-Smith says, ‘There was no unethical pressure to arrest or pursue the investigation’, well if that were the case why was my arrest brought forward 24 hours and only after the intervention of David Jones MP?

Kelly-Smith continues by saying, ‘He reviewed the statements provided by Mr Roberts prior to the arrest of Mr Windmill and that is how he formed grounds to suspect Mr Windmill’.

It has already been stated in C I Jones report my arrest was brought forward after receiving complaints of an alleged electoral offence by David Jones MP, otherwise I was to be arrested as planned on the 06-05-2015 when the investigating officer, PC Bamber would have returned from his day off.

Paragraph 3.

PC Kelly-Smith was aware that the arrest was originally planned for the following day when PC Bamber would be back in work, but due to the profile and details of the case, there was interest from senior officers and as such the arrest was prioritised.

Now that is quite a powerful statement to make. 

Why were senior officers so concerned? the offences I had been accused of were hardly  what you might call serious, 1, Nigel and Wendy Roberts accuse me of harassing them in the street, 2, an MP accuses me of an electoral offence, an offence that is so obscure that 99% of serving police officers wouldn’t have a clue about.

Silly me I am forgetting Nigel Roberts is a Freemason, Nigel and Wendy Roberts are registered North Wales Police informants.

David Jones MP is a Freemason, as are Deputy Cheif Constable Gareth Pritchard, Chief Constable Mark Polin, D S John Hanson, Inspector Ian Verburg, PC 1854 Gary James and many other serving officers.

Lets remind ourselves once again what David Jones MP is promising he is going to do to my wife myself and my family during a telephone call he made to Guto Bebb.

‘I intend to get windmill and his wife arrested, I intend to create as much disruption to his family as possible’.

Kelly-Smith says, ‘he was informed by sergeant McMahon who said that it had, ‘come from above’ to make the arrest that day as apposed to the following day’.

This is a direct result of the interference and influence of David Jones MP, the self same MP who North Wales Police said holds no influence over senior officers or otherwise, the MP who has many Freemason palls withing the ranks of North Wales Police.

The Freemason connections in the police are known to be incredibly corrupt as below:

The Freemason oath

” You must Conceal the crimes of your brother Masons.. shield him. Prevaricate, don’t tell the whole truth in this case, keep his secrets, forget the most important points. It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations, and remember if you live up to your obligation strictly, you’ll be free from sin”.

Interesting the lengths Freemasons will go to.

Sergeant McMahon has stated that he can remember that David Jones had reported a blog that had made critical comments about him to the extent that he felt it was an offence (is that not the job of the police to decide whether an offence has been committed or not?) in relation to the forth coming election. Mr Jones wanted action taken against the author and the blog taken down to limit the damage done to his election chances.

Another case of North wales Police acting partially, what about all the people and businesses that were harassed, tormented and terrified by the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, that was authored by Jones, Roberts and others? why have North wales Police failed to act against them despite a mountain of complaints and evidence against that blog and its authors?

There is absolutely no impartiality on behalf of North wales Police, we that blogs victims have had no help or protection from North Wales Police, and are continually threatened and harassed by Nigel Roberts, David Jones MP and their fellow anonymous bloggers.

One word from David Jones MP and I’m arrested, an arrest that led to nothing unfortunately, I only hope that Jones and his Freemason friends arrange another arrest for me, so I get the opportunity to have Jones cross examined in court.

To be continued.