The prosecution of a section 5 public order.

I finished yesterday with David Jones MP, stating ‘he wanted action taken against the author (me) and the blog taken down’.

North Wales Police eagerly move to oblige Jones.

‘Sergeant McMahon spoke to Mr Jones about the matter and a statement was obtained’.

David Jones MP, statement.

David Jones MP, statement to North Wales Police.

David Jones MP, statement to North Wales Police.

  1. Jones points out he is a member of the Privy Council, he is, he has abused that position to influence the outcome of criminal trials and appeal hearings.
  2. Jones says, ‘I was aware of a local blog called Thoughts of Oscar and I was aware that it appeared to be common knowledge that a man called Nigel Roberts was writing it’. Jones is a liar, if who authored it was such common knowledge, why then did Jones in 2010 when one of his constituents who had been vilified by the blog, wrote to him seeking his help, did he reply by saying ‘I am unaware of the Thoughts of Oscar Blog and its author, this something you should discuss with your solicitor’. Additionally why did all complaints about that blog and its authors, to North Wales Police between 2007 and 2014, get rebuffed in the same fashion? Jones is a liar, the worst of it is he helped author the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog.
  3. Jones rattles on about his business partner accusing Sylvester Wilson of following him, something he reported to the police and was unhappy with the progress of their investigation into his complaint. What that has to do with me I don’t know.
  4. Jones then goes on about a comment published on his blog which ends in ‘tick tock’, a comment he believes was sent by Mr Wilson, but a comment all the same published by Nigel Roberts, the very man that Jones states ‘it appeared to be common knowledge that a man called Nigel Roberts was writing it’ It being the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog’.
  5. Jones statement page two

    Jones statement page two

    Jones rabbits on a bit more about Moore,s complaint then contacts his fellow Freemason and confidant Chief Superintendent Simon Humphries to arrange a meeting with Moore to complain about the lack of progress by North Wales Police into Moore’s complaint. At this point I still have to ask, “if it was such common Knowledge that Nigel Roberts wrote and published the Thoughts of Oscar blog, the same blog that the alleged comment by Mr Wilson was published on, and taking into account by his own admission Jones has known Nigel for over thirty years, why at least for the sake of evidence did North wales Police when investigating the complaint, not approach Roberts and get a copy of that comment which was sent in to his blog, along with the associated email and ip address”? the most logical and easy thing to do, having the knowledge that Jones claims was common knowledge.

  6. Humphries asked Moore if he wants to pursue the complaint, Moore replies ‘yes’, Humphries gets a plod to try and issue Mr Wilson an harassment order, that order was never issued, unlike Jones’ admission that it was.
  7. Dylan Moore also complains to the chief constable Mark Polin, Its amazing the access one gets when your a Freemason. What a shame the many victims of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog and its authors, David Jones, Dylan Moore Nigel Roberts and others, did not receive the same courtesy.
  8. Jones then rattles on about Moore meeting with his local MP Guto Bebb about his complaint. Jones has clearly stated his immense dislike of Bebb and his blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ was used relentlessly to attack Bebb, so what better way to stir the pot than to get Moore to complain to Bebb? something Jones revels in when Bebb apparently did not respond.
  9. Jones then goes on to talk about a constituent of his complaining that the business owned by Mr Wilson had the monopoly on car recovery work with North Wales Police, which is true North Wales Recovery did have the police contract. What Jones does not say is the constituent concerned a Mr Leigh Bowden of LNS Recovery is a fellow Freemason belonging to the same lodge as Jones himself. Again I find myself asking what all this has to do with a statement Jones is making about me? but the information has proved very useful.
  10. Jones rattles on a bit more about Mr Wilson’s contract and how he raised the issue with the then Deputy Chief Constable Ian Shannon who agreed to look into Jones’ concerns. What Jones forgets to reveal is, that he, Jones informed VOSA and Tax authorities that Wilsons company was acting outside of the law and as a direct result North Wales Recovery’s police contact was suspended, fortunately Mr Wilson’s company was shown to be as clean as a whistle and two weeks later he was re awarded his contract. Again I am amazed at how quickly North wales Police act when David Jones MP calls.
  11. Jones rattles more about Guto Bebb etc, but still no relevance to what he has accuse me of.
  12. Jones statement cont

    Jones statement cont

    Jones confirms in a round about way how his latest arse licker Janet Finch Saunders eagerly informed him of Guto Bebbs intentions to expose the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog and its authors in a Commons debate he had secured for 09-09-2014. Guto Bebbs office courteously informed Finch Saunders of his intentions because she is the assembly member for Aberconwy, Bebbs constituency. The information was supposed to be private. Saunders had sought favour from Jones because the Oscar blog had been attacking her, amazingly after speaking with Jones the attacks stopped.

  13. Jones says he also reported the matter to the whips, of course he did, he has spent more time moaning to the whips over this last two years than any other MP in the UK, what Jones does not tell you is he was dragged into a meeting with the then chief whip Michael Gove, who criticised Jones for knowing about the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog and saying nothing of his knowledge. Jones had accidentally let it slip during the meeting with Gove and Bebb, that he had known all along about the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, even after denying that knowledge when his constituents asked for his help with regards to the same.
  14. Jones then mentions Michael Creamers factual post on Facebook that accuses Dylan Moore Nigel Roberts and Jones himself of authoring the Oscar blog, all true and  supported with undeniable evidence. Jones says ‘I was naturally horrified and informed the whips, its amazing how one panics when presented with the truth, the truth, now there’s a word Jones has no comprehension of. Jones continues by telling us of Bebbs speech a speech which informed the public of Moore and Roberts involvement in that blog and a speech that suggests the involvement of David Jones himself. I CAN WITHOUT FEAR OF BEING PROVED WRONG CATEGORICALLY TELL YOU, THE READER THAT DAVID JONES MP FOR CLWYD WEST, DYLAN MOORE HIS BUSINESS PARTNER AND NIGEL ROBERTS ALL AUTHORED THAT BLOG WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF OTHERS. If Jones was innocent of that which he has been accused why has he never taken civil action against Michael Creamer, Sylvester Wilson, Michael Naughton ( the private investigator who also proved Jones involvement in authoring that blog), myself and all the other people who have publically proved he authored that blog?    David Jones is as guilty as sin the only course of action he could use against me and others is the use of his Freemason palls in North Wales Police, if he tried any other form of action against myself and others mentioned he would lose in a civil court and be shown as the utter lying, snivelling, wife beating, wretch that he is, yes Jones I am stating you beat your wife, like all bullies, you horrible lying worm.
  15. MP David Jones police statement

    MP David Jones police statement

    Jones goes on to say about Dylan Moore threatening to sue Bebb and Bebb subsequently withdrawing his accusation that Moore had helped author that blog. Lets tell the TRUTH shall we Jones. Dylan Moore threatened to sue Bebb because he said that another person had heard Bebb state his accusation about Moore prior to Bebbs Commons Speech which was privileged and so long as its content had not be heard outside of the Commons prior to 09-09-2014 whether it be true or false Bebb could not be sued. This is where the snake Janet Finch Saunders stirs the pot, as Jones has already admitted in his statement Finch Saunders had revealed the content of Bebbs speech to Jones and Moore a week earlier, so this in effect gave Moore the opportunity to challenge Bebb and sue. Bebb did not retract his statement about Moore in full he issued a partial retraction. This is where I think Bebb should have stood by the truth and not bottled it, but he did bottle it and has left us the blogs victims to carry on the fight for truth and justice against these horrible creatures.

  16. Jones rattles on and finally on page four of his statement gets round to me. ‘Over the ensuing days a number of sinister comments appeared on Twitter including @welshpapa which I now know to be an account run by a Mr Richard Windmill’. Its funny when I met Jones at his office in Colwyn Bay the previous November he never mentioned comments about him on my Twitter account as being sinister, in fact he says, ‘on your Welshpapa Twitter account you accuse me of authoring that blog’ I say, ‘no I don’t I implied you have authored that blog’. Jones concedes the point but at no time does he complain of anything sinister. I suspect he’s done that in his statement for effect.
  17. For some very strange reason Jones then accuses MR Adrian Eyglsheim of having something to do with various Twitter accounts that have also accused Jones of authoring that blog. Mr Eylgsheim is an elderly man who was attacked by Jones and his co-authors simply because,like me, he stood up to them. Jones and Roberts stole Mr E’s identity to set up and a Twitter account in 2013 when I published my findings about Jones and co. It is a habit of people like Jones to try and paint their victims as the guilty party.
  18. Jones then mentions his telephone call to me, a call that lasted 40 minutes during which Jones repeatedly professed his innocence so far as authoring that blog was concerned. What took me by surprise was his temper, during the call Jones mentions Michael Creamer and his concerns about that which Mr C had published on Facebook, to placate Jones and keep him talking I said ‘Would you like me to have a word with Michael’? Jones voice went from his normal whinging sound to something off the ricter scale and he screamed down the phone at me, ‘NOOOOO, DO NOT SPEAK TO CREAMER, I WILL DEAL WITH CREAMER IN MY OWN WAY’, its at this point I realised that David Jones was mentally unstable, mad even, so I calmed him down and assured him I would not mention our conversation to Creamer, that was a necessary lie, of course I was going to inform Michael of our conversation after all Jones clearly makes a threat against Michael Creamer.
  19. MP David Jones police statement.

    MP David Jones police statement.

    I love this bit, ‘To my surprise he seemed to be a reasonable individual’, What did he expect, me to behave more like him, calm one minute then shouting like a demented fool the next? Jones your a patronising twat.

  20. Jones prattles on about the meeting he had with my wife and I at his office and how he became suspicious when my wife placed her handbag on his desk, if I were him and had felt suspicious by this I would have been extremely careful about what I said, but not Jones, he is a specimen that loves to talk and he talked, once again he threatened Michael Creamer and goes on to threaten my wife and I, he also repeatedly says ‘I have never had anything to do with that blog in any way what so ever why would I it would be a bonkers thing to do’. ‘I have never CONTRIBUTED to that blog’. Contributed now that,s a word that leaves you hanging!!!!!
  21. Jones then invites my wife and I to meet with Dylan Moore, a meeting that took nearly two hours and like Jones Moore loves to talk and he talked and he talked and he talked. during that conversation Moore clearly says more than once, ‘David regularly,’ wait for it, drum roll, ‘CONTRIBUTED to that blog’. just to clarify matters I say ‘David Jones’, Moore says ‘Yes David, it was his job you know, he’s a politician he has to do such things’. Jones would have you believe the following: ‘During the meeting he (Moore) suggests I made non anonymous comments on that blog’. No Jones you little liar Moore said quite clearly and recorded, ‘David regularly CONTRIBUTED to that blog’ Moore suggests nothing but clearly states, ‘David regularly CONTRIBUTED to that blog’. Jones you are a liar, you authored that blog and have spent nearly two years trying to cover your tracks.
  22. Jones goes on to explain that I accused North Wales Police of being involved with that blog, he is right I did and they were, Jones then says he had a meeting with D S Hanson to express his concerns about me. Jones met with Hanson along with Roberts, Moore and Ruby Williams, while Hanson was supposed to be investigating that blog and its authors. During that meeting Jones and his co-authors were assured the investigation would go nowhere and he, Hanson, would deal with me.

More to come