David, Nigel and Steve.

The three trolls.

Last year these three and there accomplices, had my wife and I unlawfully arrested, detained and courtesy of North Wales Police our goods confiscated including our children’s toys.

Nigel Roberts in part of his police statement says, a new blog has appeared called ‘The ………………………’ that he was told about, the blog Roberts says, ‘it appears as the author is writing it as though it were me, as its very well written, I think it is Windmill trying to make out it to be me as it attacks members of Windmills group, ‘victimsofoscar’.

The ever so not so clever CID officers that turned up to interview my wife and I asked, are you writing that blog? That was the first I had heard of it and told these two drips just that. They did not believe me, but what the hell.

Since then that blog has attacked my family, my wife, myself and other members of victims of Oscar.

We have looked into the origins of that blog and can conclusively prove it is being published in America, more accurately California, where a certain ex Pat and close friend to Nigel and Wendy Roberts now lives and works as a cleaner or should I say Janitor? at the university of California.

Steve ‘Rico’ Davies.

Steve 'Rico' Davies, an internet bully who loves to pick on the youth.

Steve ‘Rico’ Davies, an internet bully who loves to pick on the youth.

All this has been reported to North Wales Police who point blankly refuse to do a thing about it, just like they did with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

So Nigel Roberts, David Jones and Steve Davies say and do what they like on their blog without any fear of any intervention from North Wales Police.

This is entirely wrong but when you live in an area where the police force is institutionally corrupt, what can you do.

One of the biggest things people tend to do when they confidence of being protected by the authorities, is they get careless. Their threats of violence against people like me become more obvious:

A threat from the troll blog run by David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts and Steve Davies.

A threat from the troll blog run by David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts and Steve Davies. 

Above is a snippet from a post they published about me, a clear threat that North Wales Police ignore.

In my last post I informed the reader that these horrible people have started once again to attack Craig Ollerton, a young man that they have hounded for the last eight years.

These three middle aged/old men are obsessed by Craig and refuse to let him alone, they scour the internet about him and have in the past attacked his father, his sisters, his girlfriend and his university course.

They have recently discovered Craig’s business, which has become extremely successful, they are trying to insinuate Craig has stolen copyrights, he has not.

Below is part of their latest post to discredit him, be aware of the price guide, this comes up when you click on Craig’s products advertised on his on line shop. If you live in the UK and you click on a product the price automatically comes up in Pounds and pence, if you live in the Euro Zone the price automatically comes up in Euro’s, guess what if you live in the USA the price automatically comes up in Dollars.

So in the case of the ex pat Steve ‘Rico’ Davies (he loves the ‘Rico’ bit, he feels akin to the mob) he has gone onto Craig’s online shop and clicked on various products, screen shot them and then published them on the blog he publishes from California, a blog which is co-authored by David Jones MP and Nigel Roberts.

The screen shot below was lifted from their blog, please note the price guide.

An image taken from the troll blog belonging to David Jones MP and Nigel Roberts but published by Steve 'Rico' Davies on their behalf in California.

An image taken from the troll blog belonging to David Jones MP and Nigel Roberts but published by Steve ‘Rico’ Davies on their behalf in California.

These three ignorant internet menaces are trying to claim that Craig has stolen Disney’s property by making and selling this, in an effort to kill his business, Craig has not, but while you idiots are trying to run this young man down yet again you expose where your blog is being published from.

Something we have gone to great lengths to prove but now supported by your own carelessness.

This shall be reported to North Wales Police, but do not worry lads you know full well they will do nothing, so, ‘Carry on Trolling’ you pathetic old bullies.

4 thoughts on “David, Nigel and Steve.”

  1. What a coincidence! I have relatives in California, or to be more precise, very close to the USC. And even more surprising the head of the family just happens to be a Police Officer. I’m sure that given the tip Mr Steve (brackets) Rico Davies can be well and truly dealt with on his own front door step. You’ve lived there long enoug so you know what I mean Steve. Now be a good boy and disappear quietly into oblivion.

  2. Hi Richie, thanks for your e-mail this morning. i’ve remained quiet until now, but as these idiots still won’t leave me alone. Would you mind publishing this link for me. I hope you’re readers will see what i’ve been put through all these years by these idiots. What is interesting though is the screenshot shows dollar pricing which shows a US geolocation through the browser they’ve used.

    By all accounts, looks like the same old village idiot pestering and fantasising over me whilst stroking his penis in front of his computer. I hardly doubt he stumbled upon my page looking for an autograph book to take to Disneyland, more the case of Googling me and following my foot prints online, how very sad can you get to be doing that in your spare time.

    Funnily enough, his best friend Nigel relished in publishing my eBay shop link, photos of my girlfriend, my mobile number, these actions of his are factual and can be proved, not lies, I don’t make it up like them, Nigel is a very very sad man and needs to seek professional help before it’s too late.

    An abstracted image of a mouse silhouette filled with text breaching copyright infringement? VERY laughable, this shows their lack of knowledge, their stupidity and sickly and callous intentions.

    Next it will be ‘the tax man’, ‘the vat man’, ‘the fraud squad’, ‘the dvla’, ‘DWP’, ‘hope you’re not claiming any benefits your not entitled to’, i’ve seen and heard it from them all before, it doesn’t phase me.

    They’ll do anything to try squash you if you’re making a success of yourself. Well I tell them this, I have so much to thank them for! I’ve been thriving since leaving Llandudno, if anything they’ve done me a massive favour! Thank you so so much.


    Thanks, Craig.

  3. Well said Craig, they are a bunch of sad old men and women that cannot achieve ‘ ‘SATISFACTION’, personally I think their obsession with you is sexually motivated, if you had been a juvenile I would call them paedophiles, but the again they do stalk and obsess with young families, Roberts properby has a hord of kiddie down loads, the sick twat, as does Jones the MP and their mate ‘Rico’.
    The thing that bothers me most and makes me wonder on these lines in is why North Wales Police refuse to do the right thing and arrest them.
    It’s not the first time senior offices in their ranks have been discovered to be paedophiles, look at Gordon Angelsea.
    Pritchard looks dodgy, as does Polin, but then you take the likes of Gary James & Kelly-Smith, mmmmm it makes the mind boggle.

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