It’s called being caught with your pants down.

Yesterday I screen shot the latest post published by ‘Steve, i’m a hard man ‘Rico’ Davies’, On the latest troll blog being authored by the MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones and his play mate Nigel ‘7 bellies’ Roberts.

An image taken from the troll blog belonging to David Jones MP and Nigel Roberts but published by Steve 'Rico' Davies on their behalf in California.

An image taken from the troll blog belonging to David Jones MP and Nigel Roberts but published by Steve ‘Rico’ Davies on their behalf in California.

I always screen shoot the whole post then crop it in an effort not to publicise their troll blog, so I have the originals.

The above screen shot proves their blog is published in California USA. Something we have known for a while but clarification is always helpful.

Once they had read my blog post, they hurriedly removed the above picture from their post and replaced it with these two, accusing me of superimposing the price  in dollars onto their original post, in an effort to try and convince my readers and the authorities that their blog is indeed published by Steve ‘Rico’ Davies,an ex pat and close Friend to Nigel Roberts, living in America.

A message from America

A message from America

As I explained yesterday ‘be aware of the price guide, this comes up when you click on Craig’s products advertised on his on line shop. If you live in the UK and you click on a product the price automatically comes up in Pounds and pence, if you live in the Euro Zone the price automatically comes up in Euro’s, guess what if you live in the USA the price automatically comes up in Dollars’.

This shot, these idiots, up the proverbial arse, they had conclusively given the game away!

So to try and cover their tracks they accuse me of superimposing the price in Dollars to prove my point. In reply if anyone would care to test their fictitious claim please feel free. Below is a URL copy I took this morning of the same item advertised in Craig’s online shop, please note the price has come up in sterling as I reside in the UK.

If anyone would care to test this please visit Craig’s excellent shop on Etsy, ‘MadebyCraig’, where ever you live in the world the price will automatically come up in your currency.

Personalised Disney, Scrapbook, Photo Album, Autograph Book, Word Art, Typography Cloud, Disneyland Holiday, Paris/Florida, Vintage Style


VAT included (where applicable).

These horrible bullies will do anything they can to ruin this young man, they are utterly gutless and incredible cowardly.

They call me an internet troll, a troll is someone who uses the internet to fictitiously attack others only ever using anonymity.

This blog is authored in my own name, it says quite clearly on the home page what is is about and why it exists:

Fighting to expose the collusion between David Jones MP, North Wales Police & the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog.

Not one of the blogs set up and authored by David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts, Dylan Moore or Steve ‘Rico’ Davies has ever had their names put to the blog.

I screen shoot ever post they publish and all the comments they write in and publish responding to their own posts. My only reason for doing this is because these silly old bullies get so confidant about what they can publish that they inevitably make mistakes.

Just to explain their confidence comes from the protection they receive from their Freemason friends in North Wales Police, Deputy Cheif Constable Gareth Pritchard, Cheif Constable Mark Polin, D S John Hanson and Inspector Ian Verburg, all Freemasons and all friends with David Jones MP.

Far fetched you may think and understandably so, but true all the same.

So back to their anonymous troll blog, a blog that is fixated on my family, myself and young men in general, especially Craig Ollerton who they definitely have an unhealthy obsession with. You can put this into context when you see how they have obsessed over him since 2008, even when he moved to Blackpool they set up a blog called ‘The Blackpool Local‘ which only ever attacked Craig, then when he whet to Cardiff university, they followed him there, took photographs of his home and published snide comments about him. Additionally they steal the pictures of children, they stalk children and publish the pictures with horrible comments.

My personal opinion is what we have here is an obsessive paedophile ring, a bunch of middle aged/old (in the case of Jones) men, the typical setup and behaviour of a paedophile ring giving the impression of normality but the truth is extremely perverse.

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  1. Was very good at getting his pants down in the back of the shop! Never worried about being caught as the wife used to join in.

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